Highlights of My broken "virginities" in 2013 !

There so much "Virginity" in us that we must break !
So here goes the breaking lists that Im proud of !

WOAH ! Time sure flies and it has been such an amazing year !!!!
What Im most proud of this year is to be on a Newspaper as the Makeup artist for Zombie Run2013 !

Other than that, I have so much first times and here goes the lists whereby Im so proud of breaking the "Virginity" !!
First time having Sand Hot Spring@ Ibusuki

1st time seeing the Great Ocean Road in Norway!

First time painting my own Batik!
First time steering a Boat on a Norwegian fjord !

First time soaking in Jacuzzi on a cruise with the view of the ocean !!
First time in Denmark & Tivoli-the oldest amusement park!

First time on a Yacht!

First time doing a jump shot on a floating board @ Molde!

First time experiencing Super thick snow @ Hokkaido!
First time taking a real Japanese Pirikura with the REAL JAPS !

First time chilling at the foot hill of an active erupting volcano @ Kagoshima

First time experiencing Spring full bloom cherry blossom aka sakura @ Japan

First time seeing Mt Fuji ! Just like in the picture !

First time seeing a Geysir!

First time having a hot spring in a cave

First time experiencing autumn in Japan !

First time having foot spa naturally in the Mountains!

First time having hot spring in Nature~

First time farming tangerines on the hill of a volcanic mountain! ASHES EVERYWHERE!

First time rowing boat on a Gorge !

First tiime climbing through the smallest secret cave hole ever by the sea @ Okinawa

First time seeing whale sharks @ 2nd worl largest aquarium -Okinawa

First time having Steam foot bath

First time seeing a Jap girl with splited tongues!
First time in a Full Samurai costume ! Urghh Heavyyy~

First time seeing the most amazing Dolphin Show ever !!! @ Wakayama Adventure world

First time seeing a Panda @ Japan!

First time seeing a Japanese ceremony 

 First time dancing on the street in Japan @ Ohara festival in a Japanese wear!
First time seeing a traditional Japanese wedding !

First time sleeping in winter in a traditional old Japanese room without heater ; only thick amounts of blankets !

First time seeing a whole Japanese house covered with snow and the walls of the verandah are just plain ice 
First time trying to kiss a deer~
First time sleeping in an airport !

 First time participating in a sports day in Taiwan!
First time hiking up such a narrow pathway above the Gorge 
(so much paper work in order to hike this gorge)

First time having mud spa and hot spring on the Mountains !

First time taking on a smallest airplane in my life ! only 19seats and we can see the pilot driving!

First time swimming and snorkelling in a hidden cave by the sea !

First time got my leg burnt from a motorbike exhaust ( aka my Taiwan Tatoo)

First time makeup job in Taiwan!-Taipei

First time having hot spring in the forest@ Beppu
Lastly not to forget !! First time in a Japanese Traditional Costume !

                                                   2013 has been WONDERFUL FOR ME !!!
   I quitted my job in 2012 and have been travelling since ! This chose path has been amazingly awesome andI will still keep on travelling as much as how far I can walk ~~!!!
May God bless Everyone !!! Happy coming 2014 and May the Lord be with all of you !!


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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