Travelling to one of the world's most dangerous volcano;Sakurajima island~

Kagoshima is kind of known as being dirty as it get's lots of volcanic ashes from it's neighbouring Island Sakurajima.

Well, for me when I first got to Kagoshima ~ I was wondering and looking down onto the road and floors;" Why are there black sands" at first thought~ Oh it might be because we're at the sea side~ 
But then as I look closely, those "black sands" are extermely fine and seems more like a thicker dust to me~
And so; the bf pointed out ~LOOK! It's errupting again !!!
And there, from Kagoshima bay, I saw a volcano eruption on the other Island.

So; we decided to just take the ferry ~ It was a cheap 15 min ferry ride ! 150 Yen" by norwegian and also japanese standards"~ 
Once we arrive; we got to this nearby foot bath 
Nagisa Park Foot Bath
It's about 10-15 min walk form the ferry port in Sakurajima
We didnt had much time on Sakurajima and since we're staying sometime in Kagoshima we thought of coming back again next time !~ So we watched the sunset from Sakurajima and came back next day!
And at night , we met up with this friend of whom is te one that Brought us to dance in the Ohara Festival!

And surprise ! we were entitled for a lucky draw and Christian got a SHOT Glass !!
Wohhooo ! Nice souvenier,and extremely funny waitress dude that entertained our night~

Here's the food street that was so different than the normal Japanese restoran~

Look how crowded is it~

-That was the end of the day -

Next day ! We had our awesome friend- Mr Tadashi ; an english teacher whom is the first ever elderly Japanese man we ever met that could speak good english ! He brought us to his orchard whereby mostly were mandarin oranges, orages, tiny oranges(Komikan), pessimmon, etc etc ~

So, picking fruits here is just inevitable of ashes cause once u cut of the fruit from the tree branch, the ash just falls over~ Look at my arm! ~
Here's our beloved friend Mr Tadashi~ !!
He even came to say Hi while we were dancing in the Ohara Festival a few days later ~
Not forgetting we got to visit his Aunty on this island whom is 95 years old ! That lady has such a beautiful Japanese garden and offered us some Yakult and snacks~ Lovely~
Here's the nearest point of viewing the Volcano ~ It erupts like in every few minutes !!

And from there we got a view of Kagoshima on the opposite ~ 

We went to the visitor centre and Mr Tadashi showed us HOW BIG Sakurajima's raddish can be ~
It's known to have the BIGGEST Radish in th world !!

And we became their Raddish mascot !
ON the way we stop by to check out their famous pottery made out of volcanic ash and bought one back as a souvenier!
We had an evening at a hot spring in the Mt and came back to Kagoshima for a haloween party with our youngest Japanese friend Risa !

We wanted to go for Oden but the shops were closed so she dicided to make us Japanese curry and homemade miso soup.

LOOK, her curry wasnt spicy but full of cheese and she taught us to put Honey on it ! 
It was surprisingly delicious !
Of course, that could be the fattest japanese dish i ever had so far~

Here our pretty friend Risa~ she's only 16 and tall and so not those typical wanna be cute kinda Japanese ~
And she carried a few LVs bags~~ !!

If you think that's all about it,

We also danced in Kagoshima during the Ohara Festival and if you havent read about it  

Thanks for reading !


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