Autumn in Takachiho Gorge - How to get there ~


This time as we explore Kyushu area, we heard about Takachiho Gorge
 which then became our Must Visit in Kyushu list. 
However, we then came to know that travelling from Hyuga-shi 
is not as easy as it as to travel from Noboeka or Kumamoto. 
But then , Lucky us !!
 We found the Miyazaki bus pass which was so much more worth than sitting a train return to Noboeka and then taking a bus from Noboeka to Takachiho. The Miyazaki bus pass costed 1800Yen while its actually the price per way from Noboeka to Takachiho.

 You can purchase it from tourist information centre located nearby Hyuga Aeon or Miyazaki train station. 
 And so we got this bus pass and started travelling early in the morning like 6am and got to see seaside sunrise view from the Bus to Noboeka.
 I Think other than Hitchhiking, this would be the cheapest way to get there as it would cost more to get there from Kumamoto.
  Hyuga is quite a nice place to visit too ! ( Will post soon about Hyuga)

So, we arrived Takachiho around 12noon. Quite a long bus ride !
 From where the bus stops you, it's about 1km walk to Takachiho but on the way you'll get to stop by the Shrine~
Here's a nice entrance view of some waterfalls to the Gorge.
And from the bridge ; we get to see this ~
( Photos credited Christian Bjerknes)

And then we rented a boat to row for half an hour for 2000Yen.
I didn't do much of the rowing though ~ ;p 

It's how amazing that we can Row on the Gorge and it was such a nice time that the sun shine inside the gorge and we got to see a rainbow from the waterfall!

Here's a picture of us together on the boat. We had to stop some other Jap couple on their boat to take picture of us ! LOL It was so funny as we both had to cooperate to row near each other and it wasn't an easy task !

Here's me trying to ROW ! LOL It was fun for 1 min ~ then i give up~ ;p
Cause so many other boats were hitting us ~ @_@

From another angle~
Here's where we port our boats~! It's Autumn !! Not much colours but still better than nothing !

Then after we took another walk pathway which leads to other part of the Gorge
And here's another view angle~ It's really nice to have a waterfall in the gorge~
Comparing Taiwan's Tarako Gorge, this gorge seems less scary and peaceful.

And here some clear blue water ~

Another view of other side of the Gorge~ Not many row till here cause it doesn't have a waterfall~

( Photos credited Christian Bjerknes)

We took a photo at a view point of the gorge~
It was so hard to get someone to take a nice photo of us and the gorge~  
Since the other Shrine nearby looks common~ ( Well, being travelling so much in Japan we kinda got bored of the normal kind of shrine and just aim for the Unique ones)
And Yes ~ We heard Amano Iwato Shrine  (天岩戸神社, Amano Iwato Jinja) nearby 
 another Shrine cave-  Amano Yasukawara (天安河原) by the river ! Which sounds unique !

And we asked a random Japanese couple on our way back of how to get there~
Surprisingly they told us, oh it's quite far and they told us that they could give us a ride and show us !
WOW OH WOW ! How nice !!!
It was a 15min drive there ~  
And we got into a shrine tour;and this priest had to "sanctify" us before entering the holy entrance view point. 
We weren't allowed to take picture of the view point as well.
And so...the observation point was just a forest and some cave ( which is too far you cant even see). They believe back then the Shinto sun goddess,Amaterasu, became so angry by her brother's cruel pranks that she hid herself in a cave, refusing to come out and depriving the world of her life-giving light.
All of the other gods and goddesses gathered to lure her out. They tried everything they could think of to no avail until one goddess performed an outrageously ribald dance that caused the other gods to roar with laughter. Amaterasu left the cave to see what all the fun was about, and in doing so she returned her light to the world.
The tour was purely in Japanese and we got an English paper of the story described in it. 

Then, we went for about 5 min walk in the forest to check out  Amano Yasukawara (天安河原) 
This is whereby the Other Gods gather to plan and lure the Shinto Sun goddess out~ 
Lots of stack up stones here!
How do they do balance so well ~!Hmmm

We got some nice autumn colours in the forest ~

( Photos credited Christian Bjerknes)

And here , our awesome random Japanese friend we made that drove us to this place ! They were from Kumamoto~ !
And a pic of us on our way back ! :D 
DOMO Arigato !!!
( Photos credited Christian Bjerknes)

They dropped us back at the Bus stop and we had to say goodbye but next time who knows we might meet again in Kumamoto ! 
It's amazing how much random kindness we are able to experience during our travel.
It was surely a long bus ride back and it's nice to have the bus pass cause sometimes staring at the bus ticket price that constantly increasing is quite of a stress.
Somehow to travel rural / less commonly known touristy areas are very expensive with public transport. A short 15min ride might cost 1000Yen~

Well, bottom line, I do recommend visiting Takachiho~
Honestly, having the experience rowing on a gorge is indescribable ~ !
All these are best to see and feel it yourself then you'll truly appreciate Mother Nature !

PS :( Photos credited Christian Bjerknes)



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