Backpackin in Okinawa

Okinawa is Japan's hawaii and it's popular for it's unique culture and US militaries.
We were surprised on how BIG Okinawa was and unconvenient comparing to the usual Japanese public transport.
We were staying in Okinawa for a week before we go back Osaka for Haloween~ 
Here are the places we been in Okinawa, kind of did an almost round trip of Okinawa ~ ;)
And so, Our flight arrive NAHA airport whereby we only took a short bus ride to to bus terminal and there; only in Naha , they have a monorail and of course not to miss their shopping street -Kokusai Dori~ 
Lots of glass ware, tropical fruits, yam tarts, summer clothes can be found here~
If you're a shopaholic, you should just stay and explore here then ~
Oh ! U can find some tiny pineapple on this street which you cant eat ! 
WHY la plant such a small pineapple and cost 300Yen for one? you cant even eat it ! OMG~ You tell me why ~??
We can get One big Pineapple  n eat in Malaysia for that price !
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

Next we head to Chatan  ( The american village)- took a bus ride costing about 800Yen per person 
It was a looong ride due to the crazy amount of stops.
Well, this village is full of americans and rather pricey restorans compared to Kokusai dori. However, there is a AEON for grocery shoppings!
OH btw ,souveniers /okinawan stuffs in Kokusai dori are priced much higher than AEON~ U can find the same Okinawan alchohol (aka-Aomori ) cheapest in Aeon!

We then stayed at Onna Village as there; although it's less interesting , but they got gorgeous snorkelling area and Well, in Okinawa, there is only one main route name 58 where most cars would passby only that road and of course , heavy traffic especially in town areas!

And so We got our bike rentals and starting cycling by the coast, checking out other hotels,ports etc.

And stop whenever we find something cool to take pic with ! 
LOL can totally fool someone with this pic saying I went Easter Island !

And stop by some Glass making factory.
Btw U can pay to learn how to make your own glass in this factory~ 
It was fun looking how they blow the glass into shape !
And We found this secret side of the beach !!!
Had to cycled through some houses and plantations to get here ~
And Thank God that my burnt wound from Taiwan was fully recovered so I wasnt in pain in the salt water !
If u see carefully , the rock in the corner looks like a Love shape!
The sea was so clear I could see fishes from above!!

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)
So it looks like this from the outside and we saw a tiny hole from there and the bf challenged me to get in it ! And I did !!! It is sure the tiniest cave i ever squeeze into !

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

And drop by this famous Cape Manza

And we took the extreme way and climb down to check out the cape ~
Hmmm kinda failed ~ >_< too scary as the waves were so high up !

Resting another night in Onna we went out snorkelling the next day near Blue cave~
We werent allowed to snorkel at Blue cave due to the typhoon season~ :(
They even had CCTV at the entrance point as we trespass their No entry sign down the beach.
Then we heard a loud speaker sayin in Japanese then in english words " No swimming ! No Swimming !"
Ok~ Japanese were strict with the rules and didnt wanted to risk our lives~ 
Arghh too bad~ But seriously we heard the Blue cave is sooo gorgeous~~! Will come next time when the season is better then ~ :(

And so we went the other side and Snorkel instead ~ 
Still not bad ! We found some spots with hidden underwater world !

From Above there are so many unique rock formation~ And oh~ underwater, the rocks looks like stairs.
It is Natural !

Next we then took a bus from Onna all the way to Nago
then took Bus from Nago to check out Chauraumi Aquarium ~ It's the world 2nd largest aquarium with whale sharks ! Got some discount ticket in the bus terminal at Nago ~
Total price of Return back to Onna was 3700 Yen ~ About Rm120 ..
That's how expensive the transportation can be in Japan sometimes~ :/
And so; we got to see our first ever dolphin show in Japan for free !
Yes~ This is outdoor located in front of the Chauraumi aquarium and it's for free!
We were so facinated by the first performance and came back again to see the 2nd one! 
How do they even train these dolphins to dance and sing !

Here's a pic of me with this cute dolphin~

And then we gave our prepaid discounted tickets to the officer in Chauraumi aquarium !
It's amazing !!! Those whale sharks were so huge !!!
 and there were so many people.
We ate at the restaurant beside it with the glass view of the whale sharks ~ 
For that kind of view, it was soo worth it while enjoying our food !

And outdoor, they have some cutely trimmed gardening of cartoon sea creatures !

Just a walking distance from the aquarium~ We swimmed and chilled at the beach nearby~ There was a free first aid room nearby and I just went in and showed the nurse my burnt wound ~ LOL She was soo shocked and worried but so kind to help me bandage my wound~The prettiest nurse that ever attended me and for free ! :P
Since it is a weekend !! Our Genius friends from OIST brought us on a day trip out to the northern most cape in Okinawa and some waterfall hunt !
We got a talented flute musician with us to entertain us all time !! Her voice is also amazing !!!
And George~~ A man so sweet that he can melt any women's anger down with his cheeckiness~

And this was the most fun roadtrip ever cause we all clicked so well we could just keep talking all time in the car ! And we saw signs of beware of a special Bird~! Too bad we didnt see this bird but apparently its some rare kind of bird that cant fly~  So we just found a stone sculpture of it and had a pic with it ! The wind in the North is CRAZYY!!! We were almost shouting at each other cause the wind was blowing so loud into our ears !

And here George our Genius Hero that only wore a pair of flip flops walking through those crazy sharp stones in a few minutes to the edge of this cape !! WTF !
We we so far away in pain from falling into the sharp stones... ~ Yeah we gave up walking to the edge cause it might take us half an hour just to get there !
Then we headed to the waterfall! It was some kind of river hiking there and we had fun posing on the way~ George was trying to be cheecky as he demonstrate how a women should pose! Lol Again this Hero found some cliff in the jungle and just jump down into the water 5 meters high~ And we didnt dare to do it ! He's such a dare devil and a PHD Holder! Cherish your life please~ Our world needs genius !!
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)
and Wohoo! we found One !!! 
Refreshing and nice back massage !
We then hike up to the next one whereby there's a rope swing !~
And George demostrated for us as usual and I tried it !
But failed .... so not picture of me doing the rope swing~~ Im so scared to fall off the rope !!! >_<
And we just had some some playing in the water ~
We headed back passing by the town whereby they are famous for the Oldest Human on Earth is ~ As u know Okinawa has the Oldest humans on earth ! ~ And tried to look around for old people to say HI~ 
We found one and pretend to ask our way !
This old lady suddenly grabbed our friend's hand from the window and kept touching her hand and hair while telling us the way ~ We were so shocked and then burst into laughter after than teasing that she probably first time met and touch a red hair caucasion ! ( Her hair is dyed red ~ not original~ ) Oh Well, It was a fun moment seeing the old people around being so healthy walking outdoors !

Our dinner ~ Kaptain Kangaroo! And I had Taco Rice with gaucamole ,salsa, cheese for topppings~ YUmmmmmmmm Yummmy !
The Bf got some burger instead and it was also good ! Very cozy restaurant that provided blankets for us ! 
Looks very homely isnt it !
The Next day ~ We had a kickstart Pancake breakfast around Onna village and went another day trip again to Cape Maeda and then passing Okinawa town to Henza Island~ On the way we stopped at the ruin and had some fun on this "castle"It was some height compared to other kinds of ruins which is usually left nothing~ They kind of reconstructed this a bit and we think it was really nice~

Jumpin on the ruins! 

And we tried on some funny Dragon ballpose!
This is how a norwegian does the dragon ball pose ~!! He never ever seen Dragon ball in his life ! LOL!

Here's how it looks like from below!

And next to drove all the way to Henza and Miyagi Island just for a nice dip in the sea~ It's not as much marine life here as it's kind of manmade due to the japs building some wall to prevent the high waves entering~

It was a gorgeous FULL MOON that night !!! We just sat down and gazed at the big round moon ~Hugging our friends as we say goodbye to our next location which is Okinawa Town!

Unfortunately we came late so we missed the famous drumming festival in Okinawa town~ But anyhow~ here's a pic of me looking lika Japanese drummer ! Cute ??
Or do you prefer the roman soldier me?? LOL

So, due to the inciddent whereby an American army that raped a girl in Okinawa ~ the army now has a curfew of not to show up on the streets drinking etc after 12/1am~ So.. since then, lots of business in Okinawa town has turn bad and most Americans now move to Chatan instead as there is much more develop and has less racist Japanese~ 
Well, cant say they are racist to all kinds but only the militaries as some restaurants we passby in Okinawa town has door sign = American military not allowed !~Well, lucky me ~ I could blend in well as an Okinawan due to my tan skin~ ;p
We were pretty dissapointed with Okinawa town and decided to not check it out so much ~ Well, nothing much to check out cause most shops were closed / bankrupt.

We heard about this cultural village in Yomitan that has various of activities to do ~
We took a bus there and ask for directions and ended up walking the wrong way cause the people gave us wrong directions~ it took us 2 hours of walking till we found it !

Was it worth is , YES!!!
I found a tree house at last ! A real tree house !

Got a Hand on experience on playing the SanShin!It's a 3 strings on a snake skin !!!
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

And he was the sifu ! Performing and singing for us !!
Super friendly guy and is always laughing and smiling all the time !
We then bought a shisa wine bottle from him !

The one on the Right ! We found our Male Sisha pair for our female Shisa
We found it so simlar to us as the female has brown eyes and hair and is filled with alchohol; whereas the Male is blonde and has blue gray eyes without alchohol !!!

They had certain gardens and zone to enter and this was the zone whereby they teach Karate lessons.
Karate comes from Okinawa ! We met a Sifu which is a cacausion teaching Karate here !! He came from England just to learn Karate from his master~ We witness some of his Karate punches and he told us Okinawan karate was much tough than those you learn out of the country. 

AND I tried to punch this wood ~ OUCHHHHHHHHH

Also candle making classes !!!There were much more other lessons such as painting ceramic Shisas, tie and dye ,glassware accesories etc but of course each classes costs 1000Yen onwards~ 

And Our 2nd last day was a rainy day in Okinawa but yet we got to see the famous Sefa Utaki which is a scared place and the Okinawan worship behind this rock as they can see another island from that area. They believe the first human being on earth on from that Kudaka Island.
Well, guess what, the next day our flight was a typhoon and it Hit on that Kudaka island instead of Okinawa ! :P
Then our beloved friend brought us to the peace memorial park with his dog~
We were lucky to have him driving us as if werent for him we would have been indoors doing nothing much~
Ok this pic looks creepy and we didnt wanted to look so sad so....

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)
We did a Jump Shot !!
LOOK how high the waves are Behind us !! It was the sign of a typhoon coming ~~~~
This friend of us Tatsu is such a sweet guy~ He loves music and I sang my favourite Japanese song for him while we were in the car ~
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

Lastly, He made my dream came true and I got to wear the traditional Okinawan costume !!! :D
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

On the next day our flight was delayed 4 hours due to the typhoon. It was our first ever encounter of a typhoon and we saw the petite women was blown away in the gap between the bus exit to the airplane stairways. We were praying so hard and even asked for a seat change to sit together as we hold our hands tightly praying it wouldnt be our last flight ever. God has been so faithful to us and It was thankfully a safe and smooth flight without much turbulence !! 
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

One thing in 2013 Im most greatful and thankful of is being able to survive through a typhoon in a flight !
At that point, I was thinking I can't die now as I would love to travel more and see more of Japan and other parts of the world. Indeed ~ Our next stop Osaka and then Kyushu was another amazing experience we ever had during our travels. Will soon update about my Kyushu adventures in details ! 
Thanks for reading !!



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