DO you(Malaysians) need a Visa in order to Visit Norway,Denmark,Germany,Sweden?


Well, since I have been in Norway these 2 years of summer. Let me share with you about if Malaysians need a visa or not to Visit Norway.

Again, if it's Germany, Denmark or Sweden or Amsterdam etc European countries whic are in the Schengen area; Malaysian gets a 3 months tourist visa on arrival meaning you wont need to apply anything !! Awesome news isnt it~

It's been past 2 years I only stay max only 85days in Norway as I am only able to be in Norway with the tourist visa which valid for 3 months.

So, does Malaysians need a Visa to Visit Norway?

NO, everything is on arrival.

How's the immigration in Norway ?

Well, it's pretty lenient , I never got check or had to go through any scanning machines for my luggages.
(Sometimes ,they would pick random /strange ppl to check though) Guess Im always lucky then ~

What kind of questions will the immigration Officer asks ?
Most of the time they would ask how long is your stay.
They would also ask for a return ticket. ( Sometimes I have, I would show; but if you don't, Don't freak out~
Just tell your whole plan eg; Oh, Im taking a cruise to Denmark then travel down europe and exit maybe from Paris. Will buy the tickets back Malaysia later.)
Where are you staying in Oslo?
What are you doing in Norway?

Bottom line, just dont look or talk suspiciously~

Lastly, If you want to know what's the CHEAPEST WAY to get you from KL = OSLO

For more questions if you are from like other countries,
CLICK HERE for more

In Aurland ;Norway

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