How to Apply permit to Zhuilu Old Trail Road - Taroko Gorge 如何申请到錐麓古道

One of the  must do in
Taiwan ,
Hualien is to hike up the Zhuilu Old Trail .


You will get up to hike onto a very narrow trail that gives you a spectacular view of the Gorge from high above.
Well, a picture is way better than thousand of words.
So , here's me at the narrow trail with the deep
Gorge down below.

Well , to hike up there, you would need a permit and The National Park only allows 96 hikers to hike to trail per day.

We were worried not being able to get the permit as we were suppose to apply a week before. We applied this roughly 5 days before we arrive
Taiwan and asked our dear Taiwan friend to help us apply as they need a
Taiwanese ID to be stated on the form.

We even thought he had to come hiking with us but apparently not !
So you will need someone in  Taiwan( Maybe need not be a Taiwanese) but at least with a Taiwanese number to help you out with this as they will verify the contact number given.

Unfortunately our approval for weekends were declined due to the full applicants so we had to stay longer in Hualien and accept the offer to hike on a Tuesday instead.

Here's how to apply.

and then email and attach the file to  After you get a reply, print out the will look like this. 
Ps .I got a Chinese name and i can read mandarin so it wasn't a problem for me.
Regardless how being in
Taiwan i believe they know
English as well.

Then next  Bring it to the police station near the visitor centre inside Taroko Gorge.  The police will take about 5-10 min filling their form and you have to fill up another form for him unless you cant read mandarin i believe he will fill for you then.You must do this step on the day before the hike.

Here's our story as we bought the day bus ticket n took the first bus up but due to the bus being late and causing us no break, we had to do the police report process n missed the bus.
To our disappointment we realize the bus will come an hour later only and we might be to late to enter the trail as it closes at 10AM.

We asked the tourist information centre to call them not to close it first as we try to hitch hike up to YanziKou(swallow grotto)
 instead of 慈母橋 (ci mu qiao)  as they shorten the trail due to the recent typhoon that ruined parts of the trail.
Thank God we got to hitch hike within 10mins n reach there on time. The guard even told me sometimes its okay not to do the police report.
 (apparently, you can do everything online if you apply one week in advance


Here's a Video of the trail !! ENJOY and Thanks for reading !! ALL the BEST if you're applying !



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