How to experience all of Japan's seasons within 2 months.

2013 was my first time to Japan yet I was able to experience Summer, Winter,Spring,Autumn seasons in Japan just within 2 months.

The First visit I went to Japan was during end of March 2013 for a month.
The Second trip was during Mid November -Mid December

-Just fly to Hokkaido in March for winter and spend a week then back to Mainland Japan to experience Spring n chase where the Sakura is blooming then.

-Meanwhile during November- Head over to Okinawa for Summer heat and if possible go back to South of mainland Japan-Kyushu whereby it's still Warm at Ibusuki-Kagoshima area and slowly go up north at Beppu the Higher Mt area to experience the Autumn colours.

Well, here's the full story of my experience and short brief of the trip for an example.

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of the First trip in Japan
 Here's a breif intro of how we started of. We flew with Airasia into Osaka n of course visited Nara deer park and explore Osaka for 3 days then we flew off to Hokkaido-Sapporo with JetStar.

It was snowing heavily when we arrive Hokkaido then but unfortunately during March the Snow festival is over but anyhow, we still got the "snow" & winter experience!
Tried out the famous Sapporo miso Ramen !! It's soo yummy!

First time seeing how's the vision while driving while it's snowing~ The windcreen looks like it has constant white fireworks coming upon it!

Build an ugly snowman ! & Of course had hotsprings !!
It's the Best to have an outdoor Hotspring during the winter!

Then we flew back to Tokyo~ missed the Sakuras but were able to see Kamakura, Atami and Kawasaki's Penis festival ~
And Next we headed to Gotemba which is nearby Mt Fuji & IT Was PERFECT !!!

Here's the full bloom sakura at Kawaguchiko Lake
Gotemba to Kawaguchiko lake took only 15 min bus ride and the full bloom sakura n half snowy top Mt Fuji was just a perfect Combination !! 

We are truly so Blessed !!
Later then we went Nagoya,had a zombie hanami party in  Kyoto and lastly shopping spree in Osaka before we head back ~

Next, We decided to came back to Japan Mid November after our trip back from Taiwan n Philliphines~

So, as usual we fly to Osaka but have a connecting flight to Okinawa !!
We spent a week in Okinawa experiencing their Summer~
So; we dont actually experience the fire works summer festival in Japan somehow as Okinawa is summer all year round.
Nevertheless, we didnt missed the 2nd world largest aquarium !
It's so worth the price n you can get cheap coupon for this
Not forgetting we did snorkel in Okinawa & found some secret cave on the mainland!

We were soo "fortunate" that the typhoon hit the island near Okinawa on the day of our flight to Osaka.
4 hours for flight delay n we took off in Fright! Seriously scary as even on ground the plane was shaking itself. That's the first time Im expereincing a typhoon in my life !
Thank GOD !!! We arrived Osaka safely n manage to attend 

3 days resting in Osaka, checkin out the Mina falls aka Mina-Taki & 

Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine with it's famous Soribashi (Taikobashi) Bridge.

Next, with Peach Airline, we flew to Kagoshima ! (South of Japan, Kyushu area)
And head right away to Sakurajima Island
Too bad it was still kind of a summer weather there which honestly, is worst than the heat in Okinawa.
It's so painful to be under the sun that I would rather wear a lot of layers to protect my skin from the hot sun!
However, we got the experience to do some madarin orange(Komikan) farming.
It's different!! WHY? Cause its at the foot of an active volcanic island with so much volcanic ashes on the tree that when u pluck/cut the fruit, the dust would fall on u ~
Messy huh ?!!
Then we had a 2 days trip to Ibusuki!
We stop by on the way to Samurai town- Chiran n got to wear samurai outfits !!
So ,the reason why we come Ibusuki is for this Sand Hotspring! aka Tsunamushi Onsen.

Nex day our day trip around Ibusuki brought us a surprise as we discover a waterfall hotspring by the beach !!! Imagine warm water waterfall?It's a perfect shower!! How crazy is that??
And then ; we went back to Kagoshima to attend their
It's know to be one of the biggest festival all year round n we were Lucky to be able to participate in it !

Next was to Hyuga-shi~
This place is infamous but surprisingly it was our fav location as it has just amazingly unique geographical rock formations by the beach! We even found a secret shrine in a cave hole by the beach ~
Best of all, it's not touristy at all ! 
Of course our main visit was to the Takachiho Gorge!
A must visit if u come to Kyushu area.
We had a bus pass that would take us all the way from Hyuga to Takachiho which was much worth than staying in Noboeka ! Lucky us !
Next ! BEPPU !
Beppu is a famous Hot Spring town and we were soooo blessed as it had some autumn colours there !!
 We got 2 days bus pass and first day visited only 2 Hell lakes which we thought was worth visiting.
Umi jikoku was the most worth of all ! You'll get to the blood red pond too in another section~!
We bumped into an american dude later in the evening at a famous Hotspring steam egg restaurant and he told us about secret hotsprings he went on the Mt n We took a photo of the map from his Camera!
Our next day was just hiking around the Mt and soak in these 
1st- at the valley, 2nd, in the jungle,3rd, in a volcanic hell valley with a mud hotspring n another hidden one nearby.
Next, we used our bus pass to Yufuin ; which dissapointed us ~
But regardless how~ We got the Autumn Colours there !!
And our next day we got a JR bus which was only 1000Yen per way to
Yes, it was a hot spring paradise experience for us to dip by the river with gorgeous autumn colours !
Such a Perfect day !!
(Photo credits- Christian Bjerknes)
And  also a moment of bliss trying out a cave Hotspring in one of the most expensive hotels/ryukan there !
My first autumn with much autumn leaves ~ Im so blessed to see this gorgeous fall colours !

We then headed to Fukuoka; tried the famous Hakata ramen which stinks like stinky socks; and flew back to Osaka but this time we headed to Wakayama instead.

However , we we almost giving up the idea to visit wakayama as our dreams were shattered to know the pass we wanted to buy werent available during the weekdays.
We pray so hard and decided to go the rather expensive way with JR as our goal was to Nachi Taisha shrine.
Despite being uncertain, we just took the chance and went to meet our friends whom live in Wakayama city.
AND Believe or not ??

We couldnt be happier to ask for more as we got something more than what we ever expected.
Free tickets to Wakayama adventure world.
Seeing the first Panda ever in my life and WTH In JAPAN !??

Here's all about the Wakayama Adventure world!

 And most of all, we got to visit the Nachi Taisha Shrine !
Surprisingly, even it was later that year but there wasnt any autumn colours yet compared to what we expereinced in Beppu and Kurokawa.
And watch some ceremonial performances on that day.
Lastly, ended our day with this ferry to a relax in a hotel's hotspring in a cave in its own island.

And next day, we visited the Doll Shrine!
Weirdest Shrine I ever been to in Japan !
 As usual, we ended our trip in Osaka n Shop as much we can before we go back ! We just love Osaka so much !~ Well ; having so much sun during this travel sure made me such tann ! However ; Im super contented of this perfect planned trip by the photographer- Christian Bjerknes ! (All the Photos are credited to him! )
Thanks for reading !
XOXO FeliciaZoe


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