How to get to Orchid /Lanyu Island 如何到蘭嶼岛

If you haven't heard of Orchid Island,
it's an Island in Taiwan near to Taichung. 
It's famous for it's aboriginal culture, unique boat designs, underground houses , weird big rock in different formations and secret beach.

If you are looking for like a gorgeous hotel with perfect facilities and lots of entertainment night life; this is not the Kind of beach you would like.

To get here, it's either through Flight or Ferry.
Flight /Ferry port -Taichung /Kenting

We went there during the end of summer which is near to the monsoon season thus the ferry timing was only available on certain days which wasnt convenient for us. PS: the ferry takes about 3-4Hours and the price is about Rm20/30 less than just taking one way flight ticket to Orchid Island.

Since we had no bookings, which you can pay it online or Book through phone calls.
Or like what we did is that we went there and wrote our name in the backuplist.
After 2 flights; there were space and our name was being called out !
And so we paid on the spot for about RM150++( NTD 1480)  but about RM145 ( NTD 1410)coming back due to tax.

AND NO, there is no promo ticket for this company.

As we had to walk to our plane , we were soo shocked to see how SMALL the plane was !
It's the smallest plan ever we've been onto together!

19 seats including the pilot

Looks like a Mini bus/van in it!

And our seat was in the front whereby we can see the pilot and his copilot controlling the plane.

Here's the safety instruction on this paper.

It was surely fun before it started as we thought it was cute n fun !
So worth the experience !

But then , I was freaked out !!!!
It's not a smooth flight after all as it was a windy day that day !!
There were mist entering the plane and even from the dashboard of the pilot zone.
I thought we were gonna crash as we face turbulence like a roller coaster ride.
Indeed the pilot was driving like some kind of fighting jet plane as he turn so diagonally. 
Most of all, the landing part made my heart beat so fast as we could see the ground straight below from the windscreen as he was flying the plan downwards 45 degrees!

And At LAST! We arrived !!! I was so relief to have us landing ! 
Still felt so cool to be alive from that crazy flight experience!
Here's d bf n we bought some lunch takeaway so when we could eat at the airport while waiting for the our friend to pick us up~

What surprises us most was the baggage arrival !!!
It's from this truck !!

AND I found my BAG ! just like that huh ?!!! 

Even the airport has their famous aboriginal boat shape.

Orchid Island -Aka Lanyu Island

And so , we had our lunch in the airport while waiting for our friend to pick us up.
OH ! There wasn't any public phone in the airport which is coin system so I went to talk to the police officer and I made a phone call from the Police station ! They were soooo helpful !!

Ps: That night we saw the policemen playing PingPong in the Closed Airport !!
What a cute community !

Of course as we arrive, we had to take picture with the famous boats!

It rained like 5 mins after this and we walked in the rain to another spot to find out these men were practicing for their upcoming boat racing competition !
It was surely our Lucky day cause rarely people get to see them practicing for the competitions ! :P

And of course, you would wonder Why is it called the Orchid island?
Are they lots of Orchids on this island?
So far at the start, we only see lots of goats and pigs wondering around.

And to your answers, I'd be writing soon about What to do and see on Lanyu/Orchid island.



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