Ibusuki- Sand Osen/Hotspring

Being a Hotspring fan ~ We heard about Ibusuki as a famous place to try out Sand Spa as it's on the beach !
So since we stopped by Chiran ( Samurai Town) Before; we arrive here Ibusuki in the Evening which was perfect as it was getting much colder then!

We stop Saraku Sand Bath hall and it cost 900Yen with a Yukata ~! 
From here you can see the sand below is steaming !!!

Our tired face before Sand Bath !

Then here it goes, we were then lying flat on the sand and they would start burying us

This is how All of us look like ~~
wah,, those japanese can relax so well~

And the guy placed an umbrella for me so I look more colourful~ :P
Very nice of him~<3 p="">
Oh Well,  How do i feel?
It was warm but more on my heel and i can feel the blood pumping on the foot strongly. My chest also felt quite heavy as the heavy sand is on me~
Will i do it again? Hmmm nah~ I prefer the hotsprings in water and having the freedom to move~

Our Morning started with a walk in the Mt woods to see the view of Ibusuki . Too bad it was a hazy morning due to the volcanic ash blown from Kagoshima/ maybe pollution from China~ 
  Then we checked out this hotel/ hospital which does treatment for cancer in the latest technology.
The Proton Therapy Centre
Definitely an opening eye for us !
Next we then headed to this Dinosour Lake~
We bought a bus pass 1000Yen to see around Ibusuki ~ 
They believe some sea dinosour lives in this lake
and there was Unagi exhibition~

Then we stop by 
Cape Nagasakibana (長崎鼻岬, Nagasakibana Misaki)
The Southern most part of Satsuma Peninsular~ Kinda of Kyushu~

Then we went to this secret beach area whereby we found a waterfall hotspring by the Beach !!
First time having a Warm water waterfall !!
It felt like a  nice warm shower !!

And most of all we got the view of Mt Kaimondake ( aka replica of Mt Fuji)

And we also found part of the rock here emitting steam and parts of the sand were warm !
We could have done our own sand bath but Nehh~
I prefer the waterfall~

What a view~ and "shower" by the Beach~

Thanks for reading 


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