Kurokawa Onsen- Hotspring Paradise

Christian had been to Kurokawa and wanted to show me how crazy nice this Hotspring town he went to before .
We stayed and Beppu and bought a tour bus ride return with JR Costing 2000Yen to Kurokawa Onsen.

As we arrive, we first go to the tourist office and bought our Hotspring Pass (1200Yen) to any 2 Hotsprings.
Usually the tourist info will recommend the nearest but we knew which is the best~ :P

So here's the Map of Kurokawa town~ Basically in the town itself you can walk to the onsens nearby~
The one we knew best was furthest whereby you can reach best by Car or shuttle van ~
Yamumizuki, Waraka and Hozantei
And so, we took the shuttle Van and have a agreement what time to meet in order not to miss the van.
First one Yamamizuki~
It wasnt many people but still there were some. The rotemboro ( Outdoor hotspring) with the river by the side is amazing~ Both men and women get to enjoy tiny waterfall view ~ Best of all it was autumn colours !!
We female even have a naked path which allows us to just walk nakedly from the rotemboro to the indoor hotspring~
If you're too hot , you can even climb down to have a cold dip in the river~

Even it's indoor, they would have a Big window which still allows you to enjoy the view~
You can choose to open or close it ~

Now next one ~ Waraku
aka Sato no yu Waraku

Someone told us a night here costs about 33,000 Yen ( about Rm1000) per person per night stay ! OMG!! Super expensive wei !! >_<
 So COME HERE ! It's freaking worth it ! just for 1200Yen and can enjoy 3 hotsprings~ 

So , the men side will change to the cave after 2pm/3pm i think~ 
So this is the Men side during the day time~
Look how blue the colour of the water is !
And there is he!!

And the female side~
We were totally alone ! No one here ~ :D
I think the cave is unique but after awhile I would prefer the outdoor one~
It's best to be able to see the sky, the leaves, river etc~
Anyhow, it was very pretty and quite warm~~

GO! GO ! GO!
Our last Hotspring !!!
The Best entrance with such cute tiny Japanese garden and decorations~

And Again ~ We were both Alone~ It's by the River as well , same as the Yamamizuki but no waterfall~
Men n women were seperated side by side which means.... its easy to go the the men side as they have a secret door connecting !! Well,due to the gorgoeus autumn colours~ It didnt matter~ We just love it as well!

Then ; on our way back ~ The Hozantei owner just saw us and gave us a lift back to town ! How nice !!!
We still had some time before the bus is back to pick us back Beppu~ So we had a short walk in the Kurokawa town itself.
Surely less touristy compared to Yufuin~

Love it !! See this connecting bridge~  so Japaneseee~ Just like those I see from anime~

And there was a shrine we saw ppl dedicating this to the Gods~
Well, too bad we're keeping ours for now ! ;P

Ahhh~ I always wanted a pictures with these autumn leaves~
And gorgeous colours!

And that's all about Kurokawa ! 
Totally love it and will surely come back next time in future !! <3 p="">



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