Massage Review HeathLand Wellness center at Renaissance Hotel, KL

Recently, we bought a Groupon deal for this massage at Renaissance Hotel which is nearby our place.
This location is definitely startegic if you just come by from the Monorail or Lrt. 
I believe Parking fee would be quite pricey in Renaissance Hotel but probably you can park at the parking spaces nearby that area opposite Zouk club.

Here's a brief explanation of our experience.

FYI :It's located at the Lower ground floor once you enter the East wing of Renaissance Hotel.
This place surprise me with such nice ambience.
We were surely warmly welcomed  and given a form to state down our preferences of massage and to emphasize which area and how hard do i want the massage be.
when we enter and they then ushered us to our foot massage.
And first, this locker room amazes me as it's all used with a locking system with a sense of touch with a device on the bracelet given.
It was surely a maze as they brought us to a dark cozy room with massage chairs and a TV in front of us.
On the sides,they also provided ear phones so we could listen n watch the movie in private without disturbing others. 
Believe me, the ambience there is much nice than seeing from these pictures.

I got a male masseuse whom was quite rough with my legs but after telling him it was painful he reduce on his strength.
Surprisingly the leg massage felt very long even though I was enjoying my movie.
I'll give it a 4 out of 5.
Next, we were brought to a couple room and got both female masseuse.
Honestly the bed was very hard and the hole for my head was quite big that it was so uncomfortable for me to place me head in the hole.
And that the 1Hr massage felt like it went super quickly. 
The female masseuse were also talking while we were both trying to relax from the massage.
The massage while some parts it felt like she was just pampering my skin instead of massaging. 
I wasn't very satisfied with the body massage.
I'll give it a 2 out of 5.
And lastly, we chose to have the Steam room.They brought us a robe to wear and place our clothes in a bag. That was nice before we head to our steam room.
.but felt super awkward as not only one female masseuse but other of their friends were sitting out of the steam room waiting for us.I had to change facing them before i get in the steam room and I felt no privacy at all. But if you choose to just enter the female jacuzzi and steam area. You would have more space and privacy there. Do take note the Jacuzzi has super warm water and not to soak it too long. And when we got out of the facilities, they were still there sitting around chatting and looking at us. 
Maybe, it was just a kind of service but we were so not use to such as usually steaming and having sauna would require certain privacy. 

After that, we had a shower which they also provided the towels.
Then, we just sat n chilled at the common place and got some coffee and hot tea from this machine .
Overall, we think the place is like a maze, it brings you from a section to another section in circles that lead you back the same place.
Of course, the ambience was certainly calm and nice. Thumbs up for that. 
As for the massage and language barriers with the masseuse ,hopefully they would improve in that manner. 

Here's the full address for the location.Even the normal price for the massage is decent for such place as this. 
Lower Ground, Renaissance Hotel (East Wing Entrance), Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Ampang 
Kuala Lumpur 50450

*Photos credited from Groupon Malaysia
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