Massage review Tirta Spa Seri at 5-Star Seri Pacific hotel

                         This is my second time here and I have quite liked this spa already!
I think this location is super strategic as it's located just opposite the Putra LRT station/ near PWTC KTM station.

This spa is quite a maze if you try to find it from the entrance of the Hotel. I believe the hotel staffs are friendly enough to guide you through. It's best to come up to 4th floor directly from their underground carpark as you will see big signs showing how to get to Tirta spa. 
Here's the Entrance hallway towards this spa.
Once u enter their common area. It's actually a nice nice ambience as you can see they have fresh flowers placed on the tables as decorations.It does give you a Balinese feel as well.
 They will let you sit awhile and serve a strong Ginger tea while waiting for them to prepare the room. 
This tea is certainly strong & spicy!! and surprisingly taste good !
Here's our package from Groupon which we find it so worth it !
They don't have a restricted promo to only Malaysians so the Bf can enjoy it as well !
Most of all not limited to first time customer basis~
Thanks to Groupon- We bought this deal for only RM90 

  • 10-minute aromatherapy foot soak, scrub, and massage (RM30 value)
  • 20-minute aromatherapy flower bath (RM60 value)
  • 60-minute Tirta Spa signature treatment (full body massage with candle nut scrub and aromatherapy oil) (RM160 value)
  • 30-minute Seri Dewi refresher facial (RM110 value)
Tadaaa ! Our Spa Room! Nice right?
Honestly, we got a smaller room at first which was decent but we saw the Jacuzzi tub was so dirty ( It was so obvious the water wasnt changed at all!)
And we complaint and they took like 5 minutes using a KNIFE trying to drain out the water from the Jacuzzi but failed !!
So, they changed our room and we got this !!

We were also provided a robe to changed to and a pair of couple slippers !
And changed to their provided disposable underwears ( Which is HUGE! but at least black in colour so it's not too grandma-ish) and a Shower Cap~ 
The first step they were washing our feet and a slight scrub of our foot with a Starfish look volcanic ROCK!

I wanna get that kinda scrub too !
And then spray on our feet Peppermint which made our legs felt cold later during the massage.

This massage was way much messy compared to those Thai massage as they scrub and massage together.Btw they also placed a flower with aromatherapy fragrance below the hole to place your head during the back massage. It was surely pleasant than looking on the plain floor.
However , I find scrubing and massaging combination to be nice as the scrub did not cause any pain even she place quite some force onto my skin.  And when turn over, she placed this kind of eye pads which is cooling and relaxing. It smelt like mint but it is not wet or freezing cold. I want that eye pad !!!! Its so nice !!The masseuse was also friendly and caring in asking how am I feeling about it. At times, she has to burp and yet she burped softly and said excuse me ~ Well, that was certainly much better than the previous indonesian massage I went with so much Burping till the extent it made me felt so gross !  

Bottom line I give a 10 out of 10 for her massage !
She definitely did some cracking noise on my bones but did not cause any fear nor pain~ 

Next; Was the facial ! Well, don't expect those facials that would pinch out the black heads.
All they did was just milk cleansing ,scrub and kind of in a massage motion and lastly mask.
The mask smell like some Chinese herbs that use to for boiling soup. 
It wasn't pleasant but tolerable. And my body started to feel mintly cold from the scrub /ointment after the massage.
We were left to relax for about 10-15min.

They came in and we went right into the Shower !
There's a door alright~ They probably can see us from the jacuzzi but while we were in the shower; they were busy cleaning up and tidy the room.
Well, it did felt as if we were being watched as it was a  bit awkward to get into the jacuzzi.

The flowers were not as much as I expected ~
Guess flowers price had increased. I should have suggested them to place Kangkung in for deco then~ :p

Before she left, she informed us that the jacuzzi has an automated timing and once it's over, the session is over.
Well, i suppose the Jacuzzi went on for like 10-15 min~
The only problem is that there werent any hair dryer or comb in our room ! 
Well, so I have to go out and ask for a comb.
Ahhh~ Such a nice deco, Im gonna have such idea for my future home !
It's so relaxing !!

Bottom line, I would surely come back Tirta spa for this as I am so satisfied with the ambience, the massage and scrubs.
Seriously, I went back and felt I look much fairer ! 

Thanks for reading.


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