Secret Hotsprings in Beppu- How to get there~

Beppu is famous for their Hotsprings and YES ! 
There are lots of Hotsprings around that are super cheap/ even free ! However , the ones with seperate genders and have nice views are usually not that nice views cause it's covered.
Since we became a crazy fan of hotsprings, we love those hotsprings out in the wild and nature which is not covered or gender seperated ! 
Most of all ; these hot springs are Free!

Here's the introduction to the various hot springs on this Mt.

It's FOC, No Gender Separated ( Yes, Female and Male Naked) but normally you'll only get to see elder Men, Some are very Warmmmmm~

First one we went was called

This one was either 48degrees celcius or 50 ! Super warm and it's suphuric so you can see the drain is covered with some kind of white layer.

You can see there are motorbikes behind me.
Meaning, there are a lot of Naked grandpas, old men ~ Only old men...
And a shed for them to change and put their dry clothes on. 
Of course; I didn't went in even though they were strongly inviting me .
The view! Amazing~ See the Mt behind me !!

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)
The other side was them at the corner sitting /lying in nakedness chatting away with their buddies while we only took this corner to show how clear and blue the water is. And It is super hot !!!!
They call me a "Cat" cause they say "cat" type of person can't stand hot~ 
And it also kind of means... "Ahhh ! You're not the real Japanese !"

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

Hotspring D

Located by the river side in the forest. There is a shed as well and some basket to place your dry clothes in.
This one was much less Hot ~ At where we are in now is about 43 degrees. Whereas it would less to a lower and another lower pool which is probably 38- 40 degrees warm.

And if you are feeling too hot there is another pool which is about 25-30 degrees to cool you off.
If you want the coldest then you can just jump into the river ~ 

Here's a view of it~

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

And since I was quite shy the other Naked Men were soaking in other pools, I just wore my bikini and they didnt force or tell me to take off. How polite~
Here's a pic of us enjoying the pool at the end by the river~
Would be better with more autumn colours though but nevertheless we were very contented ~:)
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

HotSpring A

So there are 2 Hotsprings in this area nearby and the first one we chose is the Mud Hotspring ~
It looks grey and murky at first~ Not super muddy~~
The View !! AMAZING!!! You can see the Mts behind and autumn colours .

鍋山の湯 黒湯

The you dip your feet and feel the mud beneath!
It's Very HOT as well; about 50 degrees ~~ But after awhile you'll get used to it~

Then I had an idea to try having this Natural Mud Mask since it's been said to be good ~
AND seriously, It was good !!!
My skin felt super smooth after that !
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

There's a small clean and colder pool of water beside the mud pool and there is where we cleanse ourselves a bit before we head to the next one.

This pool instead is not that warm. It has 2 pools and the lower one is about 43-45 degrees. The sun was soon to set then and we got a bit colder so it was nice dip in this hot spring.
From here, you can only view the mountains as the long grasses fences around this area . Which makes it quite hidden ~
(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

 So after seeing this ; Here's to show you how to get there~

Here's a brief Map of Beppu town and  we got a 2 day Bus Pass to travel around Beppu. Will be blogging more detail about just Beppu town itself next. 
As now Im just gonna show you how to get the secret Hotsprings in Beppu.

So , the area the bus will stop is call Myoban Hospital/ Hotspring.
Either one will get you there. There are 2 entrances.
First ; I would advise you to get up early and spend a whole day just on these as you would need some time hiking and walking around the woods enjoying these hotsprings.
Unless you have a motorbike/car ; then it will be much easier to get there faster. 

C will be indicated where the bus will stop you. And so you either can walk into either through the X entrance nearest to the bus stop  passing by some houses first where it will then lead you through a forest trail path and then ( The mud hotspring and 鍋山の湯 黒湯) 
* I advised you to do that later as its much further and quite a hike up ~

Whereas the X spot which is further away from Myoban hotspring but nearer to Myoban Hospital bus stop would be a shorter and less uphill entrance to 鶴の湯 ( hotspring in the valley)
You will pass by the Graveyard-( yellow circle) and up till you see a sign stating (Becareful ; do not enter here alone especially for female.There is a serious crime that happen here before.)
Then go pass it through some trail and it will lead you to the first hot spring -B  in the valley.
Well, on the map it looks like there is no shortcut to D but apparently we asked the locals and they guided us some burnt field pathway and we hike a little our way up to another path above which then lead us to D. You will pass by a hidden shrine in the woods on the way.
It's quite a long walk.
After D  ; we then had to walk down abit until we saw another pathway above us ( which is quite a climb) But if you prefer not to climb and take the shortcut you would have to go back to the starting point and walk a longer way round. After the climb onto the pathway leading back to A ; we had to kind of tresspass as it had fenced up stating the zone is dangerous. ( Met some local japanese on the way and he told us not to worry about it ! ) 
The trail is less obvious but we entered the "hell valley" kind of zone whereby there is no plants on it and smell of sulphur. 鍋山の湯 黒湯 
The non-mud hotspring was kind of hidden and you can only spot it when you see a small shinto shrine and then it will lead you to a pathway to it.
Then further up a little you will see the mud hotspring.
You will be able to see the gorgeous mountain view from there but not sunset as the sun sets behind it.
It's best to go there before it gets late as it gets very dark then. 

That's all~ Anymore questions just leave a comment /ask on my Fb Page ~
ALL The Best !! 


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