Sports Day in Taiwan Hualien ~

Who would have ever thought after my schooldays I had a chance to participate in another sports day and what more in Taiwan ! 
Well, that's the best thing of Couchsurfing and having a Host that plans our some random activity in his life and bringing us to experience it !

Once we arrive TaoYuan Airport, we took a train ride passing Taipei station all the way to Hualien.
Yea... we had to skip Taipei for this !
As we arrived , we were picked up by our lovely Host- Dylan and he's a teacher.

Once we arrived, we were amazed by the scenic view of this stadium being surrounded by mountains!!
Btw, it was a government employees sport day in Hualien.
They really made some effort decorating for this sports day!

The Main event was TUG of WAR and the toughest competition was between the Firemen and the Policemen.

Here's the Policemen ! They had such a cool outfit ! 
Meanwhile, they have Tug of war for other categories employees such as the teachers Vs the office workers.
To think logically, wouldn't it be unfair for the teachers & office workers to compete with those strong firemen and policemen ?

Surprisingly these teachers did well and got 3rd place !!
Meanwhile , the finals led our heart race as we see how much energy and strength these men place in this competition. And our favourite team WON! The Policemen.
It was quite funny that the Policemen at a point had to wait for the arrival for the firemen and they look  extremely angry while waiting a long time to compete. 
I suppose that was how it motivated them to win ~ :P
Next was the team rope skipping which we did soooo bad!
It was so hard to get everyone to cooperate !

But then we still had so much fun and I made friends which the aboriginals. 
They all had a very unique chinese names . Most of them thought i was their kind too since I was really tan~
Bottom line, they were all so friendly and helpful.
And the Last one was running in Relay~
Obviously i wasn't in their T-shirt but since I look like their kind they were cool to let me join in~
Too bad the white bf couldn't join cause he looks obviously foreign.
Woah ! 100m run was such a good kickstart of my trip in Taiwan ~!
And here's the prize awarding moments which is just so pretty with the Mt view behind !
And lastly, A group photo of us~ LOL I'm the only one not in Orange ~

Before we went back, we saw this cute little kid running on the tracks !
How adorable !~ He was running so far that when he turned back and look , he realized he was lost and was shouting for his parents~ Of course the parents went for him and when he saw them, he ran back into their arms with all his might !!

We sure had a great day ending up in a Hotspring !
Despite it being Summer, it was a cool night and their Hotspring isnt as warm as in Japan ~
Most of all, it's Mix gendered and I could wear Bikini in it !
Do keep up cause Im gonna soon explain the difference of this Hotspring experience comparing to Japan !

Thanks for reading


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