The Doll Shrine - Awashima Jinja @ Kada


This was a surprisingly interesting place in Wakayama as our friend Shintak-san recommended us to visit this Shrine.
To our surprise, it wasnt an ordinary shrine~
Instead it was fulled of dolls on the sides, even inside with shelves of of dolls.
But then there dolls were arranged in the same category.
All the kimono dolls together~

The cat that brings wealth~
Miowww meow~

So cute!!!! I wana join in too!
The 12 Zodiacs of the year in their own zones~

And at one corner, we saw the Japs bringing in their own soft toys or dolls placing on this tray.
We then found another side whereby we see burnt ashes toys and dolls were.
It is said these toys are offerings to the Gods~ 
Ohh Poor Winne the Pooh~

Surprisingly Kada the port is quite of a view as well~
And we dove up to the hill to a hotel and had our breakfast 

Suprisingly I did not know it was a kid's meal.
However, for a kid's meal , it was quite a lot with so much choices !
I got fruits, beef,shashimi,mochi, and some fried fish fillet and nugget ! 
Here's a view of another island from this hotel. 
Lovely morning in Kada for sure~

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