The imperfectly perfect boyfriend


He's not the kind that would scream down halls yelling I love you , nor singing and dancing in public with a flash mob to express his love and most of all not the type that would carry my sissy handbag around malls.

Most of you know that I had been through lots of relationships and never had a reallly long one and this would be my longest and strongest relationship of all. And of course, most of my friends would think : AWWWW, at last she is setttled and has found The Perfect One~

But let me tell you, the Perfect one doesnt exists afterall.

He might not be taking the best photos out of me ~
or bieng the most "faithful" one ~
nor look like some Norwegian Viking ~

or the sexiest Bf on earth

But one thing for sure, he would always stay by my side eventhough how much weight i put on ~ :P
He keep his promise ~

Giving me the Best Birthday Gift ever!
Brought me to the edge of life
Make my cosplay gadgets!
And his own too!
And express his love in the most discreet way~ 
 Well , these arent signs of a perfect Boyfriend but ways of how much effort he takes to make us happy n of course to show his love.

Happy Valentines Day.
Christian Bjerknes
Jeg elsker deg<3

A Special-effect Makeup artist , speaks 7 languages and loves to share her lifestyle, beauty and travelling experience here. She also shares her secret to learning languages on her Youtube channel.

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