The Not so cool -Yufuin,Japan

Being in Beppu, we heard of Yufuin and our Bus pass was inclusive of getting there ~
So WHY NOT Check it out !

We were expecting Yufuin to be like Kurukawa Onsen (Here to see it !)
BUT NO~~~~~ ! 
It was very modernize, full of cafes, and we went of a weekend it was so packed !!
wana be european style kinda cafes instead of those traditional Japanese ones which are way much cooler.
It has lots of shops~ crazy lots of shops in the shopping streets~ Some antique toy museums~~
All touristy things~~ As touristy as it can be ~~

But among these touristi sh*t ~ we got to discover some unique stuffs such as this wooden made train

Some totoro Shop with TOTORO!

A picture looking like Astro Boy
And this UK style kind of cottage whereby they have small shops selling touristy sh*t again
And some animal farm amongst it !
The most sad part is this shop that had no owner while we were there and there is a real owl !!
Legs being tied on a metal wire and looking sooooo sad !!!
Everyone around us were taking pictures and saying "Kawaaaiiii"
Cute cute cute ~
But dont u see the sadness in it's eyes~ 
I was sooooooo tempted to let it breakfree~ 
Poor owl~
AND here a duck with it's cute little garden~
At least he has some freedom to walk around~ 

As we walk along the shopping streets up to their famous lake ~
It was then worth it !
Especially autumn!
Look at the autumn colours!!
Matches my skirt n shoes huh !??

Freakin Gorgeous man !!!

It was so hard to take picture n pose cuz there were so many ppl and i was like blocking their way and i get stares while taking the pictures~~ @_@

And some tori gate on the Lake !!

We went into some cafe and they had this koi pond full of fishes !
You can even buy the fish food from a vending machine ! LOL

On  our way back, we were gonna passby a nice MT and so we stop by~

And believe me, that 10 minutes was freaking cold !!!!
The peak of this Mt was about 1 degrees as it is starting to become winter in the Mts !! Manage to smile in the picture though ~~ Brrrr Super cold !!!

And that's all about Yufuin~
Not a WOW but thanks to the Autumn leaves and colours, we had a great time !

Thanks for reading !!


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