Things you don't know about Chinese New Year in Malaysia


Happy Chinese New Year 2014 !
May this year be a fruitful year to everyone regardless what Zodiac you belong to.
Here's some wishes to Everyone such as Have a good health, May you be more prosperous this year, May everything you do go smoothly  etc.

Well, I know there are so much temptations with yummy food during Chinese New Year and the crazy visits which would cause you to non-stop being offered all kinds of junks.
Just bare in mind of your health as 
Health is better than Wealth ! 

Things you don't know about Chinese New Year in Malaysia

1)We always have a reunion dinner/lunch one day before the actual Chinese New Year date.

2)We love to give Mandarin Oranges during CNY is because it also means "Kam" which sounds like Gold in Cantonese & Hokkien.

3)We are not suppose to cut our hair or wash the house like sweeping / mopping during the first few days of CNY. FYI: You would sweep the good luck away~

4) "We burn  firecrackers to scare the evil spirit away.'claimed by the traditions.

5) The most fireworks ever is not on the first day of Chinese New year but on the Hokkien New Year; 9th day of Chinese New Year aka 大伯公 (Big GrandUncle )Jade Emperor God Birthday .

6)We staple red packets or red strings on our plants as we believe it would help the plant bear fruit.

7) It is illegal to play fireworks in Malaysia but we don't give a Sh*T about it and blast as much as we can and still able to smuggle it into our country.

8) Christians celebrate Chinese New Year as well but they do not hold the incense nor
pray to the idol.

9) We give red packets to other races ( Indians,Malay ,Caucasian,etc ) as well, even to the rubbish collectors.

10)We always bring gifts (orange,snacks,bbq minced meat) to the relatives house we visit.

11)The younger ones have to visit the elder siblings etc.

12) Red packet is given to the Unmarried ones, regardless how OLD you are~

Well, that's all I could think of it now. Do comment if you have an extra opinion or disagree to what i have stated.

Have an Awesome Chinese New Year !


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