Wakayama Adventure World- BEST DOLPHIN SHOW EVER!

Wakayama Adventure world is located at Shirahama which is quite a distance from Wakayama city.
You would need to drive in order to get here as it's on a HILL !
If you got a pet with you, it's not allow to go in but there is a "pet care centre" available to place your pet in it~ Price varies according to size of cage~

It's 3800 YEN FOR ADULTS just to Enter the Park ~!
Not inclusive of rides~
Here a pic of us at the entrance!
Once u get in, you'll be seeing penguins swimming in a fountain pool !~

And Our main event , 

We cant imagine how th Japanese teach these dolphins to perform ~
It's synchronize and fun with music

BUT WAIT ~ !!!
It's also not only Dophins, but with HUMANS!
SO these dolphin performers they perform with the dolphins ~ Dance with it, stand on it and jump off it !!

This dolphin was Spinning on land !!!

So you think you're strong enough? 
Try this trick with your mouth~
And the FUN Part ~ Surfing on a Dolphin!
They must love their job!!

Must be good in balancing too !

And look at how many Dolphins!!! this is only one side of the pool~

Look at the view behind~~ We can see the sea from here.
And that's all of the Dolphins!

Next was the animal show which had Dogds,, beaver, Seal, Pigs, Lama,Monkey performances 
which was kind of a failure cause the Seals were kind of stubborn and didnt listen~ And so were the Penguins~!! LOL
It's not easy to train other animals except for Dogs and Dolphins!
And Not to Forget,
We got to see a PANDA for the first time!
Can't imagine Im seeing a Panda in Japan instead of China !~
Look how cute it is !!!


Here's the indoor panda 

Whereas here's the another  Outdoor panda hanging at his playground~
It's so sad they dont put them together~ must be boring to be alone~

NVM~ We're here to be with u ....
In the picture~ :P

AND we tried to be Panda too but NAHHHH~

Next, we then went to see the Penguins !!
MY My~~ They have the MOST PENGUINS I ever seen in my life !!! SO many ~
Even the king Penguin and some that looks like its from the Happy feet cartoon~
This furry penguin that looks like he has a beard!!
We also then took a slow car ride which brought us into the "WILD LIFE"
SO close to the bears and even a Lion ! We spotted them mating !
AND Rhinos !!! My first time !!!
AND most of all the Polar beat ~
It wasnt as cute as I tought it was, I think Brown bears are much cuter~~
But it was sad to see this polar bear having a small space to himself.
He was going in rounds and rounds and looking very upset ~
And we couldnt take it feeling so sad for the Polar bear~ We headed back and spotted this baby cheetah!!!
So cute!! Looks like a CAT!
 And that was all we have seen in the Adventure world~
They also had like roller coasters and amusement park things but we didnt had time.
Next destination was Nachi falls ~ Click here to read about it !

Thanks for reading !!


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