Travelling around Wakayama : Places to visit

Firstly, I name this Wakayama wish is because this "boring" place turn out to be super dramatic and a miracle for us !

Due to lack of research, we thought we could buy a Kyushu south pass that could allow us to go all the way to see the Nachi falls. However to our dissapointment, wakayama was so much more inconvenient as we thought as the transport is only available on weekends and we need to transfer from trains to buses which might take 2 days just to reach there ! The only option was to buy th JR pass which costs Rm200 more per person just for that. And to take the train just to Nachi per way itself was the same price as per Kyushu pass~~ 

And so, we were hestitating to go Wakayama despite knowing our lovely friends were waiting for us there.
Neverthless, we just decided to go then eventhough we know that Wakayama's city itself is quite boring and outspread.

To our surprise, our lovely friends made us super delicious dinner called "Oden" 
and some stir-fried noodles, chicken and also wakayama's famous tiny silver fish. ( Looks like fresh ikan bilis) It taste so good btw !
And even dessert~! We felt like we were in some restaurant / hotel !
They made the servings look so pretty!
And our next day, lovely breakfast !!!
During our dinner chats, they ask our plans and we said we wana go Nachi falls~
To our surprise, the husband just said :" Im not working on weekends, I'll bring you guys there !"
And we were like :"YOU SERIOUS !!!?? OMG!!"
We were super greatful at that moment it teared in my eyes !!!
All we expect was just a trip to Nachi falls but this fella, took out a paper and his laptop,
showing us a plan and writing the time of destination he would stopby during our "road trip" !
Lastly, he even showed us 2 tickets to Wakayama adventure world that he got free from his company and siad :" Let's go there too !"
We were super thankful for their kindness and hospitality ~

And so the next day 6am! Our journey begin !
We first visited this famous cliff with their cute dog "chiko"
This is at Shirahama
Sandanheki (Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-2211Japan)
Next to 
Senjojiki(Rock formations)
Shirahama-choShirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-2211Japan
Here's us with their dog ~
Engetsuto(Hole in the middle !!)
RinkaiShirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-2211Japan

The Adventure World ! ( Will be posting another post about this place!!)
2399 KatataShirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-2201 Japan

Hashikuiiwa Rock 
(Japan, Wakayama Prefecture, Kushimoto)

And lastly!!!
Nachi Falls!!!
There was a shrine at the bottom of the falls and they had a ceremony going on !

It's some sort of Lion dance in the own Japanese way with the cloth.
It's quite freaky after awhile watching it though~

They were lighting up fire and dancing with it,  then water which was quite funny cause they would throw the water towards the public and some people got wet from it but the leaders sitting down have no choice but to just get wet ~ And then they took some soil from ground as well~ and I left ~

Look at the waterfalls behind !! It's so high up~

And then we drove up to the higher land to another shrine whereby Nachi falls famous pictures come from ~
It's Shintak-san and his dog ~!

At night , we went to Urashima ; a Hotel on an island to have a nice hotspring before we head back.
Look how cute the ferry is !!!
And here's a pic of me sneaking my phone in to take a picture~!
Of course i waited till no one was around to take this pic !
We can hear the sound of the sea while dipping in the hotspring,
it was surely relaxing!
Here's how it is in day time~
And it was a full moon that night~ 
Everytime it's a full moon, we always recall it as Oh~
 A month has gone by, the last fullmoon we saw was in Okinawa~~
Feels like time pass by so fast !!

It took a whole day for this trip and though it was hectic ; felt a bit sort of like a tour ; but we sure did enjoy every single bit of it.
Sometimes , the reason why we stay a month in Japan is also because we want to slowly enjoy the place we go instead of rushing for time. 
Honestly, our main thing for Nachi falls didnt felt that WOW anymore as through our road trips and journey, We realized we enjoyed most was the Dolphin SHow !
OH! Do keep up~ I'll be posting soon about the BEST DOLPHIN SHOW I EVER SEEN !
Much MUCH Better than the one in Okinawa !! 

DOMO- Arigatou ShinTak-san & HuangLi 
Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes

Thanks for reading !


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