What to see in HYUGA-SHI

Hyuga is famous known for their waves and surfing activities but since we both dont surf~ 
FYI- Transportation in Hyuga is not very convenient and there are no buses that goes around this area so most probably its best to rent a bike or cycle here. It's a lot of high slope though~

We came here and realize WOW ! This place is different from normal seaside.
The geographical look of the rock formations are so different !!
Here's a pic of us visiting Umagase ( Horse back)
From the sea view it looks like a Horse back~
 It has cliff of pillar-like rocks!
I call them pencil rocks~
(Picture credits to VisitKyushu)

Further along then u'll see this !

Kurusu-no-Umi ("Sea of Cross")
It was quite dark then so we only got to see this ~

According to their picture it looks like this from Above !What a formation !

 And our next day, we were strolling by the beach~ It was quite flat  no high waves and sooo no surfers~ :(

And we took a walk by these rock formations! They were super easy ! like a stairs formed naturally~

Gorgeous day as well !

Well , some parts they have stairs built for us~ How nice~~

And we walk around the woods nearby and found some ruins and a Shrine in a cave by the Sea !!
It was soo hidden! Omi Shrine garden entrance has a sign towards that Shrine though~
It's know as the Dragon head cave 

WHY? cause from inside you see this hole look like a dragon head~
Hmm I cant see a dragon at all~ >_<

Still got dragon head shape meh?? 
Oh~ We had to take this steep stairs down~ 
You can see the sea while climbing the stairs~ NICE!
If you wana play water there is a beach out of the cave too~
It's not that popular ~ Not many ppl come here~ :P

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

And then we check out Omi Shrine whereby they pray a BIG STONE ~ 
Not interesting for us so we just sit on these comfy rocks watching Sunset~

Gorgeous Sunset !!

(Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes)

And the next day we spent our whole day at Takachiho Gorge ~ 



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