10 Reasons WHY I Love Okinawa & Win Souvenirs from OKINAWA !

Last year I had a whole week travelling around the main Island Okinawa and It isn't enough ! Despite the typhoon season coming ; I took the courage and still went Okinawa and truly enough ; it did not dissapoint me at all ! Now being to Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia's beaches; I would say Okinawa is the BEST Of all !! Well, not in terms of money but the culture; people; transportation etc !

So here's the reason WHY I LOVE Okinawa !
1# Shopping + Free testers ! :p
You might think Okinawa is touristy & pricey ~ OH HELLL NO !
The nearest town NAHA has cheap food range from 500Yen Onwards for Beef-rice(Gyudon),Okinawa Soba, MCD burgers,Taco Rice etc in a restaurant; that's cheap comparing a restaurant in Tokyo would cost 1000Yen above ~
 Okinawa is also famous for their Yampies and shops around Naha sells that for an extreme price. Dont worry ! U get to try them in the mainshop and eat as much testers as you want ! Oh... so many to try out ! You can even test some wines too :P

I got this Ryuku-Soul cap for only 100Yen !! and I found a pair of shoes for only 500Yen !! No way u can ever get such price on Mainland Japan ! 
2# So much "Unique" Sh*T stuffs 
EG: this real grown tiny pineapple ~! WTF it cost 300Yen ~? Well, nice for photos ~

3# Gorgeous place for wedding pictures or wedding in a chapel !
OMG! Their "church" made for wedding ceremonies are so gorgeous and are located on cliffs with gorgeous views !! I love seeing couples getting married~ Awww so sweet!!

4# There are secret beaches and not that hard to get here ~
Don't have to climb over fences etc or go through some jungle to get here !! ( Unlike the undeveloped countries)
Yet, not many people know about this area despite Okinawa being so famous ! :P

5# Despite the upcoming typhoon season ; we still got super clear blue sea water !
And No JOKE ! The sand is as soft as those sands on an Island~ 
Free Style
Snorkelling n found some nice underwater corals n sea creatures !
Normally you will have to go on an island in Indonesia/Thailand or Malaysia to have a good snorkel, but sometimes you don't even get to see them due to murky water.

6# SO Much to do and So much to see and hear !

Well, you dont really need to pay for a performance cause some Okinawa people are just so cool that they play in public willingly !! Despite the language barriers, we were able to communicate with our laughters !

Here, I even got to make my own wax Shisa Doll ~!

And try on  Karate myself~? OUCH !

Check out the Glass Blowing /making shops !! FOC !
Climb to a tree house!

7#Don't need to Haggle at all

Prices in Japan is always labelled on and you don't have to worry to haggle for it or get cheated !
Hitch hiking is way much easier than in mainland cause Okinawa people are super helpful and less shy ! We were being picked up few times by the locals and communicated by showing them the map ~ :D 

To travel around Okinawa is not that easy unless you Hire a taxi / take a bus which is costly; so what I reckon best is to Drive around renting a car / Motorbike~ It's surely not as convenient as mainland with the trains etc. However there is Monorail in Naha town.

Translation ? No problem ! Okinawa people speaks way much better English than those on Mainland. 
Those sites also have brochures with  translations on them !
Check out the World Heritage Sefa Utaki ~
Seriously they pray to the island opposite thinking the Gods were from there. 
And the next day; the typhoon HIT onto that island~! Lol
See how friendly Okinawa People are?!  

8#Lots of Discounts tickets and FREE SHows !
 The world's 2nd biggest Aquarium at such a CHEAP RATE !
We got a discount ticket about 1400Yen ~ So worth to get into this area cause the whale sharks are soo huge and so much to see too !

This area is sooo Huge that there is no entrance fee to the park only to the aquarium ~
Within this park there is 
Some free beaches to chill n have a dip with free medical aid !
I got my burnt wound from Taiwan change there ! :P
No entrace fee to the waterfalls around ! :D
Free entrance for some ruins~ etc so many Sites to check out for FOC !
FOC Try on and take a picture in their costume wear ~
Btw, we went into a Hotel and did this ~
The Gaijin Power !( Tourist Power) 
The staffs wont chase tourist out or say no~ ;P

I'm missing their Taco Rice ~ !
It's so delicious and cheesy etc ~ Im missing it so much !

10 # Gorgeous sunset  !!!
Easy to just find somewhere to chill and relax embracing nature on your own.

It's surely the BEST Holiday and also a Great place to travel ! I would want to go back there again !!

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Ryukyu Glass ... Urgh ! I didnt bought that at all while I was in Okinawa cause it was expensive & heavy ! I saw how they made the glass in person and boy, it was sure a nice time looking at how they blow those glasses and shape it !
Star sands? OMG! I seriously missed out so much ! I had no idea this sand exists !!! Now Im regretting so much !! >_<!
It's also luminous ! Super cool ~ Well, I join this contest too ! Hope I'll win this :P

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