How I almost got kidnapped in Phuket (True Story)

Well, many of you guys normally would travel in a group and back then I was one of those that also travelled in a group and Phuket was my first trip ever travelling with friends overseas.
Not to mention , it was also my first trip ever to Thailand after back from Australia. In my mind, Phuket Thailand would be a place for cheaper beers,food,etc and surely safe cause there are so many tourists around.
Here's a handmade video of me drawing and narrating about it in detail. 

It surely has much cheaper beers than Malaysia but it being safe changed my mind when I was about to face danger alone on this land. It was a windy night walking with the group to this famous night market near Patong Beach. At that time, I have forgotten my wallet in the hotel and it didnt occurred to me as I has my friends along so I can just borrow from them if I needed any at that point. Anyhow, walking along with this group was certainly hard as I get distracted so easily and here's a picture of me getting distracted by the tall shemales and I had a picture with them. Later then , they were surrounding me asking for money as I have took their picture but I had none with me so I told them I don't have any. So one of them snatched my camera and immediately deleted "her" photo but left only this blurry one of the other friend's picture with me.
After dealing with these shemales ; I turned around and looked for the group but couldn't find any of them !

Lights everywhere, people everywhere; It was surely one messed up big area.
After walking around for 20 minutes trying to search them on the streets; I gave up and something in my mind just told me : "There's no harm being alone~ " So, I just walked alone; went into some bars; took pictures of interesting things I see and even got myself a free entrance ticket to watch Muay Thai kickboxing ~

I walked again to some other Bars which was full of caucasians 
But since that, I realized I was followed by a Thai man and then I stopped; He approached me and asked in English; " Do you want to watch Tiger Show Man"?? I replied :"NO"
Weird Man : Where do you stay ?
Me : Hotel Nearby ~ I can walk there ~
Weird Man: " No Problem; I got Tuk tuk I can drive you ; FREE~!"
Me: No , Thanks 
And I walked off.
I got so afraid and went into another nearest pub and found a table full of Asians; heard that they sounded like Malaysians ; went up and sat with them.
I told them instantly that some guy was following me and I have to pretend I know them and they are with me. Certainly these Malaysians were so nice and they helped me out and realizing the man that was following me whom sat on the table nearby went off after watching me for a long time.
It was surely a relief !!!

I was so Thankful of those Malaysians that helped me at that point and remembered clearly they were from Penang and were on a Company trip by Tan Chong. 
That night ended with me making new friends and having a safe trip back the Hotel with their help.

Well; you might think I wont have the guts to travel alone since then. 
So Wrong....
That was then I realized a women has the capability of taking care of herself and knowing how to escape danger in time of need. Most of all ; I enjoyed the freedom of my own choice and what to do when I'm travelling alone. 
 Not long after that; I had my first alone trip to Vietnam.

So girls out there; I'm not telling you to travel alone nor travel with a group. But to let u know that in times of need; there is no need to fret cause we are strong. 

Thanks for reading.


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