Ordering PapaJohn's Pizza Online with Foodpanda review

After Chinese New Year, I got sick and then got super lazy to go out to get food and decided why not try order PapaJohns pizza ! After searching on Google on PapaJohns Malaysia; it was stated that you can only make Orders through phone booking and so I tried but couldnt get through~~ Urgh.. but then ; I found an alternative to order it through FoodPanda~

Sounds cute huh?
So, I googel Foodpanda Malaysia and
they brought me to this Website !
So many choices of restaurants !!!
It was surely easy based on the website and I entered my location and surprisingly I had so many choices of restaurants which included PAPAJOHNS & Delivery was FOC !!
Btw, delivery on Papajohn's phone calls require a fee of RM3~
It was surely My day ! Wohooo Free delivery ~ Plus , we found online a voucher code for first time customers to get RM10 rebate! Super Steal !

Btw they have 2 regular pizza deals for RM30~ same as in PapaJohn's website but surprisingly same as Dominos ! + I ordered a Chicken Alfredo which was recommended ~

I thought PapaJohn's would be wayyy  much more expensive than Dominos~ can't believe it's about the same price and of course PapaJohn's has better quality pizza !
Right after we ordered, it was written waiting time to be around 45 min ~ Oh Well, longer waiting time than Dominos~ : / but at least they let us know..

After waiting for like 40mins, Oh~!! I was sooo Hungry !!
It arrived !!!
We were expecting some dude wearing in a Panda suit but lol it turn out to be PapaJohn's delivery dude.
Ahhh too much imagination~~ !!
It would be a surprise / SHOCK  if Foodpanda delivery dude wears in a Panda costume though~

Too bad there were some IT prob that our voucher didnt worked out for the PapaJohn's delivery guy so we had no discount~~ :( Awwwwww
I was soooo Hungry that we didn't even bother to care about it and EAT !!
Nom NOm NOM!!
It was surely Hot and Fresh and Delicious !!!

Thanks PAPAJOHN's & FoodPanda !!

Thanks for reading !


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