Colourful Rainbow Village in Taichung!

Well, if you haven't heard of this colourful village in Taiwan , Why not take a short visit there?!

So How did it became so colourful.?

Aparently this area was a very old village and the government wanted to tear down this area for development and an Old Man,over 90 yrs old ; love his village soooo much and painted this part of his home colourfully and Pooof !!!
It then turn out into a tourist atttraction and the government couldn't tear it down !

Well, Indeed a wise act ! Eventhough its not like the best paintings in the world but what's special about this colourful village is the way he paints everything including the floor with bright bold colours.

And so, this day we were about to travel back to Taipei but couldnt resist to miss out this village and so; with out Heavy backpacks, we waited for the bus for an hour ( Aparently the bus isnt that frequent) and got there like in 45min~ 

The bus driver did not stop us directly in front of this village; instead in front of a University.
And so We had to walk about 15mins in order to come to this village and there ; was this masked guy
very enthusiastically helped us take photos and was super friendly. 

We thought that he was trying to get us paying him some money for helping us out taking photos but apparently he seem to be extreme voluntary and did not ask us to buy anything at all !

Of course, after carrying our bags awhile, we placed it somewhere else.
Here's a pic of us together !!

He has like some painted guitars and props for visitors to take pictures with as well !
We came here in the mid day and believe it ! Lots of people here ~!!

And here, he secretly ask us to hold hands and jumped over the wall and took this photo of us !
Too bad, I understood that but not the bf ~
(It means "Let's GET MARRIED !!!! ") LOL 
Well, this place is definitely worth coming but since it's the only attraction around;
it would be boring to spend so much time here anyways.
Im glad to know some history of how this place became of and would recommend others to check this place out !!
You seriously can't find such colorful village around ~
Prob one day; the paint would even fade off~~~~~

So if ur nearby ! Don't missed out this place ~ It's surely a place worth visiting if ur nearby.
That's the only reason y we check out Taichung n our mission was OVER n Back to TAIPEI.

That's all.
Thanks for reading !!

click here to know where is this place !



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