How I Zombiefied all the zombies in ZombieRun2014

Hi GUYS ! 
So sorry for the late post. If you have been following my Fb page, I have been away travelling a month in a new region of Japan and just got back not long and then had to be in charge of the Zombie Run 2014 as the Head makeup artist !

Will post up soon about my recent Japan trip !

So, How did i zombified all the 160 over zombies ?


Well, I had 2 weekends dedicated in teaching those zombie students on their makeup and had makeup materials then for them to experiment on themselves .

Thanks to Makespace at SS2 Mall  for providing the location to teach in such a condusive environment especially during this rainy weather !

And before those teaching, I did some slight experiment on myself to refresh my own skills ~ :)
Here are they~ 

And here are also the pictures of the Zombies I makeup for the video. 
Unfortunately, i did not have a nice camera for my makeup art-piece to be taken this time ~ :(
And not long after that the Zombie Run appeared on the Star Newspaper !

Well, I did had a short break to Perhentian Islands !!!
Can u imagine how hectic it is when I got back with much work to do in my hands  ! >_<
Well, I guess I chose I wrong time to relax ~ 

Here's an example of what i taught the zombie students in my class ~

And At LAST !!!! ZOMBIE RUN 2014 Has started on 24 May 2014, Saturday Morning !!
Thanks to the committee they got us to stay at a hotel nearby and a runner to fetch us there in the morning~
And I am super THANKFUL of those around to help me carry all the Makeup things to our canopy area as it was not easy to get it all the way into the grassy zone ~

Next was to distribute and organize the makeup things into groups so the zombies can all equally have sufficient makeup to Zombify themself ! That also Im thankful of those helpful zombies that lend their hand in helping me out !!

So Imagine , from 7am in the Morning .. till 9pm at night ~ ! I was in the same area most of the time taking care of the makeups; chatting with the zombies n molesting them with fake bloods :P

This is what I wore on Monday and had no zombie makeup on due to overstresss ! XD

Thanks AP Studio for the Photos !!

There was surely some problems in lacking materials somehow somewhere and I'm Thankful that the Zombies were being extremely understanding of my situation and "Bitchy" attitude at times ~ 
Stresss brings out the "Bitch" in me ~ :P
However, we then managed to overcome this with the help of AWESOME People and Sunday turn out to be PERFECT !!
No more lack of materials instead, tooooo much materials !!

Here's a pic of me doing the makeup of a Clown Zombie on SUNDAY !!
Time is definitely constraint expecially in the morning as certain times the marshall havent arrived, some zombies had to do the marshall jobs and thus less zombies ~

Here's me later then whereby I had some time for myself and I decided to Zombify myself too !!
I decided not to be as scary as them though ~ :p
Forgot to take more selfie so I only have a couple of photos with me :(
This one is the Pregnant zombie that has a baby in he tummy >_< ~ Ughhh Bad picture ~ 

Some pics I just took from our fellow zombie fb ~ 

The zombie behind me is holding a broken mirror !~
Look how vain zombies are~ :P

Comparing Zombie Run 2013 to Zombie Run 2014 ;
Honestly, I was definitely feeling "F*kedUp" on the first day and complaining about the crazy unorganized situation but then later I realized; Zombie Run 2014 is WAYYYYY HUGE compared of Zombie Run 2013 ~!
Zombie Run 2013 only had like 5-6 waves, meanwhile this 2014 has more than that and even for 2 days ! The area is much HUGEEE and the location originally is just an empty field ~
Last year's was on a paintball area with everything provided and located strategically in Damansara. 

As for the first aid that was promised by the Hari Belia with their SHIITTYY PBSM Service(We called the first aid team to come and they look like high school kids and only have a Manual Book / WTF ! Not even a first aid kit !! ) 
.Instantly next day the organisers got their best first aid team into the event. 
Seriously, if things were to blame , it would be the main organizers for Hari Belia that gave shitty promises and services. 

After all of this, Looking back .. I felt like there was a much stronger bond with the zombie students this year!
The time we spent chatting together under the hot sun, splashing each other with the leftover fake bloods,
the kindness of them bringing food for me, offering their seats, offering me water and helping me out with the makeup distribution and carrying them is just something that money cant buy. 
I love how it is to see humanity kindness whereby we show our care and love for others without expecting things in return. Definitely, most zombies I believe have grown and learn a lot from this experience and gain lots of true friends. 

I hope to see them again for the next Zombie Run !!
And If u wana join as a zombie next time; do keep up with the ZombieRunMalaysia2013 facebook page !!

View more of my Makeup Artworks  HERE
Thanks for Reading !!


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