6 ways to HitchHike in Japan !

Japan is my favorite travelling destination due to it's awesome availability of accommodation and delicious food and of course not forgetting their comfy toilets!

So this would be my 3rd time to Japan and i wanted to really try hitch hiking since the other times I came here I usually get offered by strangers to fetch me or rely on their awesome public transportation.

So; this time ; i challenged myself to HITCH HIKE FOR REAL !

I did some research and had some Japanese friends advising and found out some cool tips !
If you're lazy to read just Check out this Video of me explaining it Here!

1# Do not show a THUMBS UP finger by the Road to hitch hike in Japan  !

There was even once i did that and many cars stopped and looked at my confusely thinking I wanted to cross the road !
Well, (Probably in tourist area you might find your luck but it would take some time to get a ride)
So, this happen on MTAso whereby I was standing by the exit of the road towards downtown With the "Thumbs Up" sign and it took about 30-45mins then a guy who worked in that area asked where was i going and was willing to fetch me Down then ! Well , it was the same time as waiting for the NeXT bus but it was surely Worth riding on With him cause he took some detour and show other parts of this area !

2# Write down the location area you want to go( In English /Japanese word) on an A4 Paper.
Since i know mandarin and i can write Kanji so i wrote it down !
SHOW IT By the Road side ~ ! 
This is super effective !! My first time was in Nagasaki Obama onsen area just after some pedestrain lights and was in the evening. It took me 5mins of waiting ! Guess what ? Our first ride turn out to be a mini private bus !!

3# Stand by a mainroad ; bus stop, 7 eleven; somewhere which is in direction where you wana go 
So in Nagasaki , all i did was just stood by the mainroad nearby somewhere the driver can stop such as a bus stop or extra emergency lane.
Regardless how busy the road is, most driver that are cool With it will still stop or maybe turn around to ask you precisely where you are heading to.

 If you are BOLD enough and can speak some Japanese, you can try approach people whom are leaving their car park and ask them to give you a ride down town if it's a logical location whereby people would usually drive down town.
I did that in a small town Amakusa after having a hot spring bath by the Cliff . First try and i got a ride downtown ! Wohoo !
Ps: Touristy area are not advised to ask cause most probably the tourists wouldnt go back downtown but head to other tourists spots.

This is mot important !!! Always smile when you meet others and even if you dont understand just smile and laugh cause its the best way in communicating ! :D

6#Bring a MAP With you
This is important especially if you dont know how to explain where you want to go and would like to show the directions to the driver.

That is all i can think of for now ! So Goodluck !!!
Honestly, hitch hiking made me speed up my progress in Learning more Japanese Words due to the stresss of not being able to communicate well With the locals !
I would love to do it again to improve my Japanese in a fastttt way !
Well, Oh well, now im back in Norway ... time to improve another Language.. !



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