BOLA and Pizzas !! -Grab Limited edition Popobe® bears NOW @ Domino´s !

 GOAL !!!!!!! and the sounds of football matches all night long is what happening nowadays worldwide even here in Norway !! 

Well, I wish im back in KL now feasting on Domino´s Pizza and watching football with it cause the frozen pizza here sucks and eating at some pizza restaurant here would get me 5 Domino´s Pizza with the same price ! PLUS, the taste isnt as good as Domino´s !! Im serious !!

What is way more coool is that Domino´s even came up Limited edition Popobe® bears ! Do you know how much worth these bears are??! They are soo famous in the world and I even see them in Japan !

Introducing  Eva, Pedro and Juan  !! (Left to Right)

SO How do you get this Limited adition Popobe® Bola Bears??
You can now purchase it as an add-on to Bola Meal 1 and 2 for RM7.80 or any other pizza purchase for the add-on price of RM9.80. 

What´s MORE ?!!!
Domino´s just introduced the BOLA MEAL !!
Can u spot the NEW 
BBQ Baked Meatballs in this picture ??!!!
(They are perfectly baked 100% beef meatballs are drizzled with delicious smoky BBQ sauce)
Add-on for RM8.80 with any pizza purchase and are also available à la carte for RM10.80. 
So Are you HUNGRY ?!!! Wait no more just Order now !! :D 
My favourite is the classified chicken with secret sauce.... yumzzzzzzz!

Here is the event launch day whereby the medias were invited to experience the Popobe® bears before others. We were so priviledged to be given a chance to join Instragram selfie contest on that day itself and would get us some prizes ! Lots of prizes with Domino´s !

And then we were all so caught up taking selfie photos with Popobe® bears and postingon instagram!
Here is my instagram pic with Juans !I got a Juan twins !
They wanted something creative so this is all i can think of.. LOL
 Again!Domino´s surprises us with more prizes to be give out as the MC asked us various questions about Domino´s Pizza and I won an express card with Domino´s Pizza !! Buy 1 free one with takeaways !! Wohoo !!
Well,Domino´s were also very kind inviting the orphans from
Good Samaritan Home and Rumah Anak Yatim Sg. Buaya, Kuala Langat 

Ba U Shan-Ting, President of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore with the kids.

 More Domino´s more Rewards !!
 And Upcoming next was the award for Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest, which ran from April 28 until June 1 !
Well, each weekly winner gets to bring 20 of their friends to a football viewing party under the courtesy of Domino’s Pizza.
But Most of all........
 Everyone was surely envious of the grand prize winner- Mr Pek Chin Fai cause he just won a FULL PAID TRIP TO BRAZIL worth more than Rm34,000 !!!!

 Lastly, they annouced the winner for our on the spot Instagram selfie contest and this dude won the GO PRO CAMERA !! Well, it sure does look like it fits him !! Good for you dude !

Wana WIN MORE PRIZES With Domino´s ?!!
Well go get yourself the Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino´s and take a BEARY SEXY SELFIE & post on Instagram !!!
CLICK HERE  to find out how to Join this Contest or  
Visit for more details on the ‘Bear-a-Selfie’ contest and other promotions and offers!



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