How did I survived through an accident in Taiwan

Well, who would have thought that my trip to Taiwan would be that "dangerous" !
 As I hop onto a tiny propeller plane with much accidents record on a windy day with much turbulence , I was starting to ponder about my survival throughout this whole trip.
Well, I did survived even after that I got fever for 2 days after our arrival on Lanyu Island that welcomed us with rain.

That swimming and snorkelling through sharp rocky corals didn´t cut through my skin;
*Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

That drinking and Hiking on one of the most dangerous trail in Taiwan ( Jhuilu Old Trail Road)
didn´t took my life from a fall;
*Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

Nor snakes on the road,
Or my first time riding on a scooter with my migit legs that can´t even reach the ground for balance
would harm me.
But the stupid moment that I passed by a motorbike in a car shop 
HAPPILY forgetting that it has a burning hot exhaust on the sides.

Lucky me the Car Shop had a water pipe nearby and instantly I got helped !
Well, since I have never ever got into a 2nd degree burning ever, 
I had no idea what to do but the Taiwanese were sure professional at this and left the water running on the wound for 5 minutes. 
Well, Thankfully the shop owner was cool with us using their water without charge.
To be honest, I was shocked and it was not painful at all !

At that point, clinics weren´t nearby so we just headed to a traditional pharmacist,
the granny saw my wound instantly she took out her "SPECIAL" or most effective medicine and
told me this medicine is good and won´t scar and said : " DO NOT  EAT Eggs, soy sauce,spicy things, any dark colour things to prevent scarring or black pigmentation on the scars.." Well, I suppose that would be the chinese medication beliefs.

And to my surprise ! She did not charge me at all for medication but only the gauze and bandage.
 I was laughing so much to see how the bandage look like those fruit wrappers in the markets.
Well, I did find it very convenient after some time !! No need to tape but it was surely obvious where-ever I go !

We were suppose to have a trip that day but it got canceled due to my carelessness. 
Oh Well, the sunset was still nice though and Im proud to say I got a
"Taiwan Tatoo!"

*Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

It´s not the END Yet !

Apparently, something happened that made me not to TRUST Chinese medication anymore.
Since the Granny didnt gave me any medication, I forgot to buy Medication for the burn and...
so I went into another random Pharmacy and got this ! 
Tadaaaa ! " 1 2 3 Ointment "

Our Next day Trip going to Alishan Mt ,
My leg started to Swell and got infected right after i placed this medicine !
Thankfully ! There was a clinic up on this Mt !
So I went to see the doctor and got my proper medication ! =)
And the infection went away..........
and I got to see this Gorgeous View on AliShan !

*Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

Well , I sure learnt a lot from this trip 
1# Accidents usually happen when you are NOT CAREFULL and Taking things forgranted.
2# Never TRUST random Chinese medication 
3# Remember to CLAIM Insurance !!!

SO Always becareful when you travel alright !


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