A must see Thaipusam in Malaysia !

Thaipusam is a spiritual indian festival happening in Malaysia and It is always held at the Batu Caves.

Thankfully the KTM built a railway there and it was so much more convenient just taking the train here. 

This event usually start the night before the day itself and the believers will parade from the Pasar Seni all the way to Batu Caves.

Do mind this event is very spiritual and very popular as many would come here for prayers or even just for visiting.
Here is a loong queue in order to get to the top of the caves

Be sure you are physically fit in order to hike up the flight or stairs into the cave

During the day, there will be ceremonies of piercing their bodies nearby the river.

Again, this would be so far the most spiritual or disturbing ceremony of all as there will be lots of dancing, yelling, trans moment etc. 

There wont be bleeding as they would only piece the outer layer of the skin.

Well, if you are lucky , probably you might find "Santa Claus" among the crowds.

And right after this ceremony, they will all go along the queue to get to the top of the cave.

And what Im wearing is their traditional wear all the way from India.

Being in Malaysia all my life and this is the first time i ever seen such thing and 
to my honest opinion, it felt like as if I wasn't in Malaysia.
I would never forget this ever in my life .



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