Aonang Krabi, much Better than Phuket!


I must say, If you ever had a choice between Phuket ( I almost got kidnapped in Phuket) and Krabi ,
and most likely you are not young and party crazy, Krabi would be the ideal place for a nice vacation !

Here we are at Aonang.

And we had a very nice hotel with view of the Mt!

And not to miss out those nice long beaches on Aonang

Unique shape Mt

And the joy of the SunSHINE !

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

I must say the Food and drinks here are sooo yummy!
Especially the mango juice !! They are cheap too !
And Massage sessions as well !

As night comes, the Aonang street lighted up with bright colourful lights of restaurants
and the other side would be shops and pubs clubs etc!

It was quite funny that my cabonara turn out to taste much better than the Bf´s thai green curry! 
LOVE IT !It has really good quality cheese in it !

It was sure nice to chill by the pool either with such view !

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

I can say Aonang is sure nice for a relaxing vacation with cheap food and massage.


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