Bananas Bungalows @ Krabi Review

It is my 2nd time to Krabi but the bf surprises me as he did not want to reveal where we are going to stay in Krabi.
When he said : The Bananas
I Laughed so hard i thought he was joking !
But yeah ! We arrived Krabi airport and were glad to have the Bananas to get us a private taxi to drive us to their place.

Thankfully it wasnt those horrible tuk-tuk but a nice proper aircondition toyota van.

My first impression of the Bananas was awww 
It feels like some kind of Malaysian bamboo chalet.

Look how pretty these chalets are.

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

And they got this nice wooden bridge 

Here is our chill out area, where we eat, use the pc, tiny library, wifi area 

Dinner time we had the choice to paying a set amt for a buffet meal or just go out somewhere with the motorbike or walk probably 10 min to some stall by the road.
I reckon their food is quite good but its limited what choice you can have as most of the time it is only 2 different dish.

and What i love most are these hammocks !

I love to rock myself on these..

And the view is just lovely !
Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Well, in the evening its all dried up so you can actually go down and walk on the sands.

And it can be a loooong walk just to go to the sea.
Well, it might be nice if you love to see crabs along the way, LOts of CRABS!
Some locals would be collecting sea cucumbers .

Alchohol and water wise, I think its best if you get a motorbike and buy it other shops. 
Do mind that area is muslim zone so not many shops sells alchohol.
You will need drive about 30min to another town.
No worries about the motorbike riding,
no police to check your licence and the road is pretty easy =)

Here is where we stop by for lunch at some random stall and the food was supper spicy !!!!!
Water is free in this restaurant though !
And fuel was pretty alright.
We were lucky to have an almost full tank when we got this bike.
And the Bananas was so nice to get us this eventhough it was sucha huge demand among the rest!

With the Bike, it makes our journey more interesting as we randomly explore random beaches.
And not to forget nearby is the Secret BEACH which you would need to have a bike to get there.

And sure did had a great time there.
But oh well, I think 2 or 3 days is enough to be there unless you like being away from lack of choices and variety of food.

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

And so we headed next to Aonang =)
Click here to see our next destination in Krabi !=)



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