Dogo Onsen Hotspring Festival !

Matsuyama is extremely famous for DOGO Onsen as it is the OLDEST Hotspring in town.
This place does not feel as old as the one in Beppu but it does feels very
classy old. As if it was owned by very rich royalty years ago.

Well, we were sure lucky to came on the Day whereby they were going to have a festival !

Nearby their famous clock tower was some traditional dance performances and it was very entertaining for sure.
Other than this was
the throwing RICE CAKES event.
when I heard of it I thought I would be the one throwing the rice cakes but nooo !
We were suppose to catch the rice cakes from below while the employees from Dogo onsen throw them from the second floor ..

NICE ONE ! (=.=)

Now, you would have thought.. awww Japanese are very polite and kind people they wont be crazy or chaotic over these rice cakes.
Well, NO NO NO to our surprise... It was surely chaotic and the women behind me even fell !!
Asians.. oh asians...
And thanks to my Low centre of Gravity ! I found most of these rice cakes on the ground instead of catching em ! :P

But since NoOne told us that it has to be cooked before eating it.. 
I eagerly took one and ate it and to my dissapointment it was hard and chewy and tasteless !
Well, I threw all of it away on the spot and later got told that i should have cook it before eating....

But Oh Well ! We got ourselve a DOGO Onsen souvenier from the Dogo Beer factory nearby !

and enjoyed some free leg hotsprings around that area.

And took picture of the night view look of this historical building
Just to see the last event of this dancing parade !!
It was surely not as long as the dance parade we were in Kagoshima but it was super adorable with these cute kids.
Photo credits & Copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes
And that was all the eventful day during this festival. 
Thanks for reading!!



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