Gay Pride Parade Oslo 2014


Who would have ever thought 100 years ago that there would be a Gay parade now ! 
and it is such a Big event here in Oslo that it is continuously held the whole week.
It is nice to see there is not much discrimination here unless from Grønland area whereby it is known as the muslim area. Yes, there are mosque here in Norway. 

Well, they boldly start from that area Grønland and walk into the city with big trucks and some just cheered,
some dance, I take pictures.....
Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes
and they would dress up in different costume wear even though it is so cold !

Here is the start of the parade

And among st you will see lesbians and gays walking around in pride !

Some would even bring their dogs ! 

Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes 

Or maybe some are even the proud ones despite of their religion

Whereas some might be just here to join the fun !

or entertain us crowds. 
They were cute cheerleaders for sure !

Or maybe flashing ?! 

Well they were dancing to the song it´s raining men

There was even the SM group ! How cool !

                                                     Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

                                                                               And Lovely shemales parading in their flashy car
Lastly the very famous group from Thailand ! 

Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

It was surely an entertaining day for me and culture shock cause I will not be able to see that in Malaysia. Too bad the weather was bad but I bet they were having lots of fun ! 


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