Hiking to the World's biggest active volcano caldera, Aso-san.

There are 2 ways to get to the Mt area which is either you take the bus and walk from the other side whereby you can see the volcano first ; or from this other side which has a pagoda.
Most people just come here for the view of the caldera and Aso town.

Well, however, this would be a long way.
We knew its at the pagoda and looking it down from the city it seems near and so we decided to try our Luck and WALK UP !
So, we walked all the way from the center of the town (2hours)and thankfully 
a good samaritan
 gave us a ride up here half way !

Half way hiking up there were warnings of the poisonous volcanic gas.
Well, how does volcanic gas smell like?
Sulfur / rotten egg

This is how the hiking path way looks like

And we only just hike about an hour we are still NOT THERE YET ! 
But the VIEW !! WOW ! Its´ so worth it !

And we spotted an abandon cable car station.

with the cable car there !
( It was freaky as the wind blow the cable car moves and makes squeaky noises)
Final destination didn't happen to me =P

And after about 10min hike up , We saw the volcano at last!

This is much more dangerous than Sakurajima cause i get super close to the Volcano !
Thankfully the wind direction is blowing those poisonous gas away from my face. =)

Well, thats not the end cause we will have to go through other Mt to get back down to the tourist spot.

Continue... its quite easy when we are at the top area

And so I decided to do some Jump Shot !

Taddaaaaaaa ! I was a ballerina when i was young though! 

Probably Im the new invention of Jumping Yoga =)

And then it was not easy to get down 
And worst of all,
I wasnt wearing hiking boots or sport shoes, it was just some nice boots i bought from Norway.
Plus ! its all loose rocks, no shrubs or trees to grab ! Nightmare for my poor knees!
Well, the view was still nice though =) 
And after we got down to the tourist spot, whereby we get super close to the volcano eruption process.
It was quiet terrifying if the noisy China tourist weren´t around, cause the sound and vibration of the ground did made it more surreal. 

Then on our way back while waiting for the bus ,
we decided to wait by the roadside and this guy offered to give a ride back to our place !

Apparently he works as the "volcano watcher". And he told us stories of how dangerous it can be
and also showed us the picture of last few weeks fire festival here in Aso city !

SUPER WOW ! Right ??
Oh well, I did had fun trying out his work mask =D
So hard to breathe............. 

As night falls, the Sakura trees were blooming much more than the morning we went out !
And thanks to my Kanji knowledge! I knew there would be something going on the Aso shrine that night !

Nice lights for sakura

And free warm Sake plus fried Chicken !
They were all so nice trying to talk to us !
Photo credited to Christian Bjerknes
Warm Sake is sooo good especially on that cold night !
We sure had a very tiring day =)



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