Hong Island Tour by Speedboat from Krabi Town

Krabi is known for its beaches and caves and rock climbing, but one of its well known thing 
you must not miss out is their weekend night market !

So Glad that I was just there during the night market and
it was so entertaining with a huge stage of locals performing karaoke and randomness.
Food wise is just crazy amount of variety and cheap !
Much cheaper than Aonang for sure!
Moreover, the deals for Island Hopping was cheaper than what was offered in Aonang as well.

Despire Krabi town being further , the price of the tour is much worth as the travel agency provides transport towards the harbour and food etc.

We chose the HONG Island tour since we had been to Phi Phi island and some others before.
It was with the Barracudas tour for only 690Baht!

The first Stop Hong Island itself !
It was surely crowded and we have lots of time there. 
The water was clear for sure!

And there are fishes there for you to feed.
There thought i was some bread and kept biting me! OUCH ! 
=P Well, not so pain ! Hahaha stupid fish !

You can do some jungle walking and there we were walking behind some BIG HUNKY Dudes untill they started shouting and then look at me like a gentleman and said : After you first =)
Witha smile and I saw this !!!!!
We were all keeping our distance away from this monitor lizard and continue walking after it went away.
Hmmm...I guess not all Buff ,muscular men are hero huh !

We then next went to Daeng Island and the boat just drove into a narrow pathway in between to get into the lagoon and the tour guide said we were not allowed to swim here it is dangerous..

Ahhh no swimming ... =(

And here at Lading island, we stop to eat

here is the food provided !
It was decent and nice

Well, it was nice to chill in the water after eating. 

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Last place was Pakbia island ! We found nice nice snorkelling spots by the rocks and spotted some baby sharks !

And then we all got bck to Krabi town with the provided Tuk Tuk 

And I went back to the hotel, washed up to explore Krabi town !
This is one of my most favorite temple of all !
It is all white and so pretty !

And the famous Krabi town location for pictures

and we spotted this crazy named speed boat !

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Apparently there was a Jazz festival in town and we went in to join the fun ! =)

Posing with the Crabs in Krabi =)

Went to check out more markets around this area.

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

And ended the day eating lots of Yummy padthai and fresh Mango juice!



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