How to get to the Secret Beach in Krabi

Not many would know about this secret beach unless you stay at the Bananas Bungalows !
Here´s review of the Bananas Bangalows if you havent heard of it .

Of course in order to get there its best to have a motorbike with you !
There are some chalets nearby the secret beach areas too such as the Ao Tha Lane Resort.  BUUTTT !!! to walk there would take sometime cause you would need to ride through a long village path road there.

Well, we got the information to get there from the Bananas, whereby they have a laminated note about how to get there.

Just download this pic for the instructions !

Ok This is how it look like when you get to this fence gate.
Really A GATE !
We we have to trespass in order to get to the other side and hike up in the jungle a bit ( Aprox 10-15min) till we reach some cliff area.

Find a path that goes down and there is the secret beach !
It was surely secret cause NO ONE was there at all !!

There is a nice hole in this rock cliff here too !
And what a coincidence there is a tree in the middle of that hole !

You wont be able to see the hole from the beach. Just get into the water and you can see it!

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Ya this is how it looks like from the Beach.. 

The water there is very clear and nice too !
There is a road that leads to a cliff whereby you can get the view of the beach .

After our nice swim we continued our journey to have some local food nearby.
Nearby as in 10min drive ..
 This place is freakin rural !
The motorbike ride would surely numb your ass =P

We rode to the Coconute beach for a nice sunset view
and then headed back to the Bananas bungalows =)
And thats it !!

Who would ever thought there would  be a secret beach out of no where in that place huh !?
I Love the moment we had to climb over the fence in order to get there.
Feels like I'm up for some mission =P



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