How was it like to stay overnight at a Haunted House in Japan

Back then in 2012, 
It was then my first time to Japan
and this happen at a guest house I shall not mention where it is nor the name. 

As we approach this area, we could not believe our eyes as the whole house
was covered in snow.
Walking through the alley of ìcy wall, I gazed with amaze as I had never seen so many ice stalagmites and stalactites ever in my life.
Then, as we open the door, look into the house,
it looked old,wooden, antique and instantly I call it a NINJA HOUSE!
I was surely excited to be staying in one of the Oldest House ever in Japan! Maybe ?

Our first impression of it was certainly good but we did not know 
what was it like at night then.
Well, we were having our meal in the dining area, chatting away, getting ourselves warmed up as they 
have heater underneath the table covered with a huge blanket. 

As we were chatting, I realized there were some shadows passing by fast on the walls. 
Well, thinking i was just being tired... i then said I should go to sleep first. 
But then, I had to go to the toilet first.
I slide open the living door and closed it..
it was all Dark in the alley, except for a tiny dim blue light.
Ya, just like those in the Ju-On movies.
I was hoping there was any switch nearby to brighten the walkway but NO...
I have to walk over that far blue light and pull it´s strings to brighten it up.

I took a deeep breath, try not to think about those Ju-On movies instead of like the scary movie 4 kinda comedy thing... walk towards it and pull the string .
PHEW !!! but it didnt work !! 
Ok my dissapointment I continue walk towards this alley to it´s end, 
where the toilet is.
This time I walk real quick pretending I was in a hurry to pee.
There I was at the toilet door,
standing and wondering how to open the door.
But then the door made a screechy noise.. 
`eekkkk´ and opened a tiny bit

Well, Thank you..
`Mr. Wind´
I thought to myself.

As I was enjoying the warm toilet seat bowl.. 
I realized at the corner of the toilet floor was a sake bottle with rice grains

It hit into me that the Chinese use these to serve their ancestors as an offering. 
Left me in ponder, does the Japanese do the same way too ?
Well, I sure did not bother to think much cause 
I then just ran out of the toilet running back to my room.

Guess what ? 
My Room also had the same traditional light whereby you have to Pull the string to On it !
And it was -1below that night, there wasnt any heater, the walls are surely thin. 
But thankfully I have a viking Norwegian with me that generates so much heat whom cuddled me throughout the night beneath 5 quilts !
We discussed about our `erieee´ experience too and both agree we saw some shadows. 
and we left.

Was sure some experience we have that we will never ever forget. 

And that is not all about it !
If you are curious more about Our Backpacking Hokkaido experience,

Thanks for reading.


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