Obama Onsen - Hotspring town in Nagasaki


Coming towards Nagasaki from Amakusa, 
we heard advises from others of not to Miss out Obama Onsen( Hotspring)
Well, that name surely did caught our attention and Hell YEAH ! 
We came here !!

So we took a ferry from the port and randomly i asked a lady on board if they could give us a ride to Obama Onsen and she said YES!
I sure did learn a lot of Japanese from just random chatting with them =)
Well, we first visited their tourist information center whereby they have a statue of Obama .
Apparently President Obama hasn´t been here yet !

I know Ima Bad girl =P
Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes

Obama hotsprings claims that they have to longest footbath in Japan.
There are also free spots to steam your food. 

Or take a picture with President Obama in a hotspring.

If you forgot to bring your foods then you can buy it here at a steaming restaurant nearby.
The will cook for you. 

If you walk into Obama town area, there will be signs showing how to get to this Geyser.
It is super cool cause it looks as if it is boiling but apparently it is COLD !
We read the information about it and it says the Carbon dioxide emitting from the ground gives the boiling look. Well, nature is just amazing huh !? 

We then saw UP there in the hills were full bloom sakuras !
and yeah ! We walked up !

Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes

There is a nice path for people to walk up underneath the sakura trees. 
Here is the view from the Top.

and we found a shrine not far and they even have binoculars there.
This is how the tiny shrine looks like. 

Lastly, We went to a public bath located just by the sea. 

Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes

It was just lovely to soak in the hot tub gazing at the sea. 

Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes


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