7 Hotsprings crawl in one night ~Kinosaki Onsen!!

Hotspring crawl is pretty common in Japan and previously we had our 
hotspring crawl in Kurokawa onsen.

However, What so special and different of Kinosaki onsen compared to Kurokawa is that is has 7 Hoptsprings and you only pay abot 1500Yen for it and yet you can have multiple entry per day !

Instead Kurokawa, you pay 1200 Yen for 3 hotsprings and it is only available for one time entry.

As we just had a tiring day spent in Amano Hashidate, we drove by here around 7pm and decide to do a Hotspring crawl within 4 hours before they close at 11pm. So which means we only have 30mins in each Hotspring !!

We started of at the first main hotspring which was the biggest and with the most facilities of all.
and then walk a long pathway towards the streets of hotspring about 10-5min walk away.

Ps: We got a brochure of how the hotsprings look like and there were information of the type of hotsprings that would either make you smarter, help you in getting a baby, bring you wealth ..etc.
As for the photos of how the hotspring look like, too bad Im not allowed to take the photos and most of the hotsprings are packed with people !

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

Note that you would always need to remove your shoes before you enter. They are extremely particular about this.
And you would have a locker room to put your shoes in and show your pass to the person in charge.
They will not chop or put any remark on the pass.

This hotspring had a very strong smell of wood and it gives a natural aroma therapy just soaking in a wooden bath with a pleasant smell.This one believes to help women in getting pregnant. 

Along this street there are some blooming sakuras and what is most enjoyable is that after a Hot soaking bath, you walk in the cold night feeling Not cold at all and enjoying such nice sakura night view on the way to the next Hotspring.

However, some hotspings were pretty dull ,extremely hot water and not much selection. 
To an extend that I woud skip my 30mins in there and just come out after soaking 5 mins.

You would be seeing many walking around in their Yukata and there are some tiny entertainment shops.

This hotspring has a tiny waterfall view and among us , most voted for this as the best one.
Not for me though cause I thought the waterfall was too man made and very pack since it is super popular.

And at that point, I have got sooo tired on removing my clothes and shoes and wearing them on for like the  5th time !
I would prefer wearing a Yukata than my crazy layers of normal wear for sure.

Nearby the 6th Hotspring, we spotted a whole stretch of blooming sakura trees along the river !!
It was super gorgeous !

And we quickly finish our last hotspring in order to get a meal cause we had not eaten dinner yet !
To our dismay, most shops were close after 10pm and lastly we found a shop that sells hot soup Soba which was the best meal of the day.
Hunger makes all food taste good !

Will I go Kinosaki Hotspring again ?
Yes!! But maybe not all the hotsprings but some the ones that I like. 
It was surely a good experience for expelling all the curiosity in mind of how all the hotsprings would be like. But 7 hotsprings in 3 hours ?! 
You think about it.

Next ??
Kobe, the famous town for Wagyu Beef.


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