BEST Night view in Japan (Osaka & Kobe)

I have seen Hokkaido´s famous night view and even Nagasaki as well.
Thinking I had seen those gorgeous night view, this trip surprises me as I stumbled upon a view whereby I think personally it is the Best night view I had ever seen in my life so far !

Our lovely friend told us about this and it was super cold that night and we were freezing but this view surely did melt our hearts.

It is the :
Rokkosan Night view

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

  It was an extremely cold night and that place was not packed at all !
Instead we saw a few couples here which looks much more in romance as the guy hugs their girlfriend in the cold night.
It is not common to see that in Japan, I must say.

Well, we got a super good weather day and the night view was amazing as we were even able to see Osaka at the the end ! 
A full combintion view of Kobe and Osaka.
Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

What I love most is the view is not just plain lights in a straight row but of the shape of the bay 
creating a jingsaw puzzle look.
Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

It is super beautiful and I was so glad to see this view with the bf together.
He keeps me warm and makes me Happy!

And not to miss out their have this neon coloured pebbles on a pathway with UV lights that make them glow.
And So I Glowed too with my Outfit of the day !

That night I sure did had a sweet dream and
continued Our journey Next day to Koyasan.



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