Camping in Japan !

Well, a lot of places in Japan are mostl "ryukan´ or hotels but what we found out that there are some places in Japan whereby we can camp there luxuriously and with much activities to do around it.
For just about 10000Yen per night for a room
 to share with 4 others, 2 double decker bed and 1 queensize bed,
it is sure worth the price to pay for with free kayaking boards and simple buffet breakfast.

Our journey was to explore Shima and Ise area so we decided to stay at Everglades, which is in Shima itself.
Unfortunately it is not convenient to reach here with public transport.
Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

This is how the Porch looks like with the table and swing by the door.
And there is our friend´s dog name Chobi.
He is very naughty and ate all our chocolates left in  the car =/
But oh well we forgive the dog cause he has such nice owners.

And then we first started Kayaking !!!
The good thing about this place is that they have a nice kayaking path made among these tall grasses and......

they place these fake animal statues to freak people out !
It looks so real even from near distance ! Glad it was all fake !

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

We were surely glad to have the norwegian viking with us to do most of the rowing cause we all are not well of how to row the boat.
The view is amazingly gorgeous during the sunset and twilight zone as the water becomes like a mirror reflecting a gorgeous image or our view. 

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

It was surely a nice way to explore and yet able to enjoy in peace as we came in a very low peak season with not many people around.
Even the dog enjoyed the view

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

But at times i sure do get annoyed by him wanting to jump off the kayak !
 Sit sit sit !
And here the camping resort looks like.

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

I might look like Im happy to cuddle him but NO
He was trying to jump off and I was just posing for the camera.
Urgh ! this is a very tough tiny dog to handle for sure.
But then the night came the the Moon came up so round and orange !

It sure made our bbq night nicer with the moon shining brightly !

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

And our Super yummy Japanese style BBQ
YUMZZ! I love the bbq asparagus
We were awake by some noises out in the yard and saw a shadow of a BIG Bird on the table.
Being terrified of birds I didnt go out but the Bf went out to find the birds dug through our last night leftover trash and our Hotspring egg being pieced through !
He chase them away and took our breakfast food and snacks into the house but left some at the swing as its too warm in the house.
Then the Bird came back again and took away one of our Jelly !
Urghh... the dog didnt even bark or do anything to alert us at all !
Oh well, being so terrified of these birds, I was so worried it would come and snatch our breakfast food away while we are eating on our table but oh well, they didnt.
And that was our awesome day spending our first time in such unique camping area in Japan which reminds me more of the States instead.

On our way to Nagasaki, we passed by some view along the coast but too bad the weather wasnt good,
the view just look like this.

Apparently if its good weather, we can even see Mt Fuji all the way from here.

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

We ended our trip in Nagasaki and had our last days of shopping there
before we leave back to KL !

Thanks for reading !


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