Backpacking in Japan -Part III

This is our 3rd time to Japan Again !!
And in this trip we flew in to Osaka first and took a flight to Matsuyama.

This time our trip is devided to explore different parts of Kyushu , West Kyoto and Kansai , East part of Mie Prefecture and lastly depart from Nagoya.

SO Here are the HighLights of the first part of Exploring Kyushu

Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes

And Next, we flew back to Osaka, had 2 days crazy shopping in Osaka before we headed here next !
Back to Wakayama!

But then this time we would travel from Wakayama to
West side of Japan and see the famous UNESCO sight
Amano Hashidate!

Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes

And then continue our adventure to 
And a short visit to
Witnessing the after earth quake effect 

and had an AWESOME

And went back Wakayama to rest before we continue our next Journey 
TO see the 
After Koyasan we then continue up to 
check our the 
and we were so blessed to stumble upon a Shiba Sakura Garden !

And our Stop was at a nice camping resort nearby 

Photos credited to Christian Bjerknes

and our last destination was Nagoya as we spend days of our last shopping before we head back 

That´s all the full conclusion of our 3rd journey in Japan!
Nevertheless , we did got bored of the shrines but still we love to come back Japan again.
The culture, the food, the shoppings and toilet.... 
We miss Japan somehow.

But since we had already been too many times to Japan and travelled almost most of it,
We have decided not to go back there any sooner yet.
But we will, someday.

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Thanks for reading !!


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