Flying with Norwegian Air Dreamliner

Since the Norwegian Air introduced their new flight from Bangkok to Oslo or viceversa ; 
it has been reported so much bad reviews regarding this service.

Knowing that the Dreamliner is new,I was curious to be on this flight.
Thus , My first flight with Norwegian air dreamliner was on September 2013.
It was indeed very chea! If you want to know the cheapest way of travelling to Asia,

Unfortunately, I had the same issue having the flight delay for 3 hours.
However, it was nice of Norwegian air to compensate a meal voucher worth 140Kr to redeem some food while waiting for the flight to arrive.

After that, it did arrived and there werent more delay.
Here is how the plane looks like.
And internally, it was beautiful and smelt very new.
They have colourful lights to suit the atmosphere and no window shade .
Instead, its an automated dim window whereby you can control it with a button by the window seat.

Meanwhile, everything seem super cool with ordering made from the touch screen right in front of 
Not to mention, free movies to watch, music, information of visa, flight location,games, kids entertainment and lastly the information of how they built the dreamliner.
However, do note that earplugs are not provided and they do sell on board.
PS. There is a USB port for you to charge your phones.

It claims that the Dreamliner is also faster, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.
Our flight to Bangkok was quite a fast and safe journey.

The seats 
space were quite spacious compared to AirAsia or TigerAir.

Unfortunately the plane is not much more quiet than other planes. 
Thus, it would be best if you put on your earphone/earplug and sleep with it.

wise is quite decent, you wont find yourself freezing in the plane.

My Overall opinion of the Dreamliner is all good. 
Despite this plane being new and Norwegian Air being the market lead to fly such long distance at a very decent price. 
Can´t blame them for the problems with the planes cause it is a new technology that i suppose servicing the plane would require lots of training for the airport servicing staffs.
Ps: Norwegian Air does not have any flight problems with other planes that does domestic flight.

I would recommend it for people with patience.
or for those without a tight schedule connecting flight.

The worst case scenario would be the queue during the immigration to Enter or even transit from Oslo. 
It would be by far the most challenging thing of all. 
So cross your luck if you are flying into Oslo and hope you get to sit in front of the plane to be first to queu on the immigration border. 

That´s´all about my experience.
Thanks for reading.



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