How was it like Staying in a Japanese Restaurant

As we had our late night arrival to Kamakura from Tokyo, 
Our dear friend Ukon welcomed us from the station itself as he insisted on leading us to his Restaurant.
We were very excited to know that we would be staying in his Restaurant and in our minds,
we were thinking Oh!! It must be those traditional wooden restaurants that serves ramen or somewhat Izakaya style.

But to our Surprise, it was NOT what we totally expected at all !
It looked super cool, with much antique furnitures and look like a cool cafe to hang out at.
And it is called THE WANDER KITCHEN.
Totally made us wonder how did we even got there cause we had to walk through a maze of paths to get there.

Such a nice entrance huh ?
 I still couldn't believe that I would I be sleeping in such restaurant.
and even toilets with such Baths !

And stairs to go up to another cozy dining place whereby our room is just hidden behind these walls !
How cool was that !
Too bad we forgot to take picture of the room but it was a nice room with a Bed!!
Totally not the traditional tatami futon style in Japan !
Not to forget, at the corner there is a stack of music cds directed or even played by our talented friend - Ukon.

That night, it was a raining cats and dogs and we were having a nice time listening to his Cds while drinking beer.
And here is the Kitchen.

We always thought that It would be nice we purchase their restaurant food as a good deed in return but
Ukon is way too nice and generous that he told us to have anything we wanted and all would be provided by his staffs !
Where can you get such friend in this world huh !? 
His generosity is way beyond that I could Thank him for.

The next day we woke up and surprised some customers as we came out from the hidden walls.
It was so fun to see their reaction ! 

Our lovely breakfast started of with this yummy pumpkin soup !
The best ever !!

And Western Breakfast !!
Scarmble eggs,asparagus , salad and bread.
It was delicious !!

We went our for our day sightseeing around Kamakura and came back for Dinner!

Whereby I became the HEAD CHEF

And Made Ukon his favourite Malaysian Nasi Lemak !
I was sooo surprised he had all the ingrediants !

We had it with his partner and employees.
Back then I spoke very few Japanese but thankfully they could speak very good english so we had no communication error at all !

Ukon is very talented and owns a few shops in Kamakura itself. Currently, he has open a new hotel in Kamakura and would be glad to have some volunteer around as well.
Feel free to contact Ukon. 
Here is also his website to check out his cool songs collection.
And our net day´s Breakfast !!!
It was Japanese Breakfast instead !

Onigiri, miso soup and Omelette with Coffee and Milk.
Yumz it was soo satisfying!

And here is how their Restaurant look like.

We departed Kamakura and headed next to Kawasaki´s famous penis festival !
It was crazy fun !!
to read more about our full adventure in Japan Part1.

Thanks for reading.


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