The Penis Festival in Japan, Kawasaki

Since we were near Kawasaki and overheard about this weird Penis festival going along in Japan, 
we had a day plan stopping over Kawasaki before going to Gotemba.

Since we didnt do much research, we arrived Kawasaki about 12 noon but to our disappointment we found out that the ceremony just finished.
But thankfully I was just in time to take picture of this huge sculpture which they carry around during the parade ceremony.

Well, most of you will have thought it would be a popular festival among the Japanese but surprisingly,
we told these festival to our other japanese friends and they do not even know about it.
Apparently, when we arrive the Kawasaki station, 
it was packed with non-japanese but mostly the caucasions !

And according to our friends there is a american military zone nearby and we saw many drunk look like american soldiers around this area partying and having fun.

The shrine square is very packed and full of stalls of various products to purchase which aren´t common 
at all in Japan.

For instance this,

Well, other than that, there is also this famous Lollipop sold in this area costing only 600Yen each.
They also provide the female version of lolipop as well but it seems like this shape is more popular even with the mens.

Not to forget this sell the penis shape nose which make you look like Squidward in Spongebob square pants.
Or those whom need instant Viagra
Lots of "SAKE" for sale 
Other than that, you can spot the usual Japanese having their Picnics in the square.

Whereas some would dressup for attention.

And Cosplayers

Here is how the Shrine looks like, 
it is quite tiny but immensely popular and crowded.

Meanwhile the musicians for this event looks like they are not having much fun as the crowds.

And the utterly Cute and super cool Japanese family that had so much fun with their kid´s innocent behaviour.
Well, good education!!

And here more unique shape lolipops as your eyecandy !
Even if you didn't appear to be on this special event, 
just drop by this shrine and you would find a holy penis sculpture there.
If not mistaken, 
The reason why they have this shrine is to pray for those HIV and AIDS diseases.

Other than these shrines,
Kawasaki has other bigger shrine just in a walking distance and 
you would be surprise to see how quite that shrine and that it has no penis relations at all.
It would totally appear as just a normal shrine as others.

And that´s all about Kawasaki !!
I would surely never forget this festival ever.



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