Ninja craze at Shimabara Castle !


If you are in Nagasaki and a crazy fan of Ninjas,
dont miss out Shimabara Castle which is not far away from the Nagasaki city !

Best of all, this tiny town provides not only Free Ninja costumes but also Samurai costumes!
Well, I had put on Samurai costumes before in Wakayama 

Well , Not only that! Their staffs are extremely friendly !!

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

There would gang up a Japanese version of Power Ranger pose for your picture ! =P

Or allow you to roam around the castle with this costume to snap an awesome photo

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

Apart of that, there is a nearby Samurai town here as well!
Just within 10 mintues walk from the castle would get you there.
Unlike the ones in Chiran, they got fake Samurai dolls in the costume,
and nice garden as well.

I get creeped out from these fake dolls though =/

The canal is not as wide and filled with fishes unlike the ones in Chiran.
But still, its FREE!

Most of all, its not super touristy here ! 

Dont forget to Check out Obama Onsen on the way !


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