Plain Kobe

After a crazy hotspring crawl in Kinosaki Onsen,
we awoke to such view after a night camping in a camping area not long ago.

Here is how the camping location looks like.

Since the weather wasn´t that good we passed by the famous "Japan´s mini Machu pichu"
as it was so packed on a Sunday.

So instead, we went straight to Kobe and stop by to check out their waterfalls in the heart of the city !

Nunobiki Taki ( Nunobiki Waterfall)

Got this new cute cropped jacket from INGNI.
Most of the clothes and jacket this time I got from Japan are from that brand =) 

Once u arrive Nunobiki , there is a pathway to go futhur top where they have toilets and an observation deck to view Kobe city.

and if you go furthur down, there is another less popular waterfall but very nice as well !

Other than  that we went to the bay spotted a hydraulic boat !
I have seen how fast these boats go from a far but I haven't seen these so close yet !

Nearby is a nice park and our main thing was to see the effect of earthquake back then.

Here is how it looks like the leftovers effect from the earth quake.

And you still get to see the Kobe tower after all.

And so, since our Japanese friend told us the Wagyu beer in Kobe is overrated and 
as it comes from Aso, it didn´t bother us to try out the Wagyu beef in Kobe afterall.
I suppose after being in Japan so long that tasting so called what the tourists are crazy of didnt seem special to us anymore.

That´s all my impression of the plain, modern Kobe city. 

Well, our Next destination is famous Koyasan.



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