Samurai Town @ Chiran, Japan


Since we were pasing by this town towards
We stoped by this Samurai town known as Bukiyasuki.

There is a fee of 500Yen to pay in order to explore the samurai houses but to walk around this community zone would be FREE =)

What cool about this place is that their Gardens are gorgeous & we get to try on with the samurai head gears and their fake swords!

Look how well maintained these bonsai gardens are!!

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

Well, here is the free lane to walkby and check out but the hedges are quite high, its hard to peep through.

There are aproximately 5 houses to visit ! 
and they sure dont look similar except for the wooden window design.

As of out of the Samurai town, there is a nice park and river to walk by. 

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes
They also have this fake london shop with lots of british import goods though.

Well, there is also a canal of fishes in the town which might interest you.

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

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