Showing my ass at Amano Hashidate !

If you dont know what is Amano Hashidate is,
it is one of the UNESCO sight for being the long strand of natural island that forms like a bridge between 2 lands.

Well, here is the start of our day !
Breakfast are super important and remember that even you are busy travelling,
never miss your breakfast !

And this was our yummy homemade Japanese subway sandwich.
As we arrive the famous spot, we walked along the sea and LOOK !
How clear their seawater is !!

Jelly fish !!! They might look pretty but sure they are not nice to touch.

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

The Japanese thing to do before walking through the natural bridge !
This is so called the WISDOM hole.
Take picture with you in it and you would be a WISE !

=D Im Wise now

Amazingly this bridge has such nice sand that I wish it was summer so I can start swimming in the sea.

And we bought some Japanese desserts mochi, 
that looks like sand but it taste Horrible !!!
Not all Japanese dessert are yummy afterall.

and the pathway is super nice to walk on for a daily workout.

Here is the other side that has less sandy beach but more trees

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes
PS. It is quite a long walk so you might have to find some stuffs to entertain yourself.
And Sakura !! 

Once you walked till the other side, there are choices to HIKE Up or take the cable car.

And WE FLY UP ! 
Weeeeee !! Im Flying !!

nah, we walked up and it was nicely path with stairs and not that long hike afterall.

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes
And here is the Tourist Thing to do in Amano Hasidate!!
They will have pictures telling you to take picture of you doing this.

LOL , not they want you to fart in nature or show your ass off to other side of the people in the other Mt,
But to see the different view of it Upside down.

Well, I ask them, you can take photo with your handphone and turn it upside down then its the same right ?
And the Japanese would say, 
"No No .. No Same..
See with EYES more Megapixels ! "
Aww the Japanese are so cute !

And to go back , we were so tired of walking that we just hired a boat back !
And Boy oH BOY ! The Boat was Super Uber cool !!!
They made it look like a Spaceshuttle !

And this is how it looks inside. 
It might look cool from the outside, but inside it makes it uneasy to enjoy the view outside.

Im at Shuttle 2 !! 

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

Despite it being spring, I found some nice autumn leaves colour !!

And on our way we saw MORE stretches of full bloom Sakuras along the way !

And to our next destination,
Check it out as we had a crazy hotspring marathon within 3 hours ! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day !!



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